Putting Up with Pot

“Patient smoked weed – now feeling funny”.

The thing that I normally ask these sorts of patients (for there are a fair few) is, “Isn't that what it is supposed to do?”

Our patient was used to smoking cannabis, but for some reason this particular strain of 'erb had caused him to become panicked. So he gone out into the street where his friends had poured some cold water over him.

Cold water – I never understand it…

We were told that it was 'commercial cannabis', whatever that means.

It was a good thing that I was driving this night, I would have been seriously tempted to tell the patient that there was a new and potentially fatal additive to cannabis in the area just to see how quick I could get his pulse going – but we were being nice, so my crewmate calmed him down and, by the time we reached the hospital, he was laughing and joking with his friend.

I suspect that he wouldn't wait to be seen by a doctor – instead he'd take himself back to the party that we picked him up from.

Now, unless I'm mistaken (and, y'know I am terribly naive), but isn't it still illegal to smoke cannabis? So why didn't it cross anyone's mind to call the police?

The answer I would guess is that it is a 'victimless' crime (unless you count the person having an angina attack we could have gone to), that the CPS wouldn't be interested, and that the police have many more serious things to be getting on with (like filling in their countless forms). We as the ambulance service also have too much work to be calling the police ever time we witness something illegal.

Of course, if we did start reporting people then we'd be viewed by certain (violent) members of society as little more than stool pigeons and end up getting beaten up a lot more than we do at the moment. At the moment we aren't seen as being part of the forces of law and order, which is why we can often walk unharmed through the worst parts of town and stroll into crack dens.

Current Status : Full of illness, throat like the bottom of a parrot cage and an eye that is leaking *stuff*. And my mobile phone isn't working, I suspect that it knows it will soon be replaced…

17 thoughts on “Putting Up with Pot”

  1. There are a lot of old, crufty, unloved laws still left on the books because removing them would be political suicide, or would take lots of work. But they are no longer respected, and any attempt to bring them to trial would be an utter waste of taxpayers' money.Taxi cabs without a bale of hay and a nosebag? For shame! Lock 'em up!

    A guy making himself feel confused? For shame! Lock 'em up!

    Someone tried to kill themselves? For shame! Lock 'em up!

    Someone downloaded porn over the net? For shame! Lock 'em up!

    And so on. Laws stop being used and respected long before they are struck off the books. They only get struck off when they get applied with patent and public injustice and there's a public outcry. Far more often, they just moulder, ignored and unloved.

  2. I think it's illegal to posses canabis, not to have taken it.so presumably by the time you turned up it was either all gone, or they'd have disposed of it.

    plus if the police turned up to every drugs related call then that may discourage people who need help from calling for it.

  3. Gargle cider vinegar (and swallow if you can – it grows on you!) and lots of kiwis (the fruit rather than the population)They'll sort you right !

    Get well soon.

  4. Hot Honey & lemon with a tot of Whisky!Also got the horrid cold & chest infection!

    Hope you feel better soon!


  5. AGREED! Surely more important, when people can mature out of drug use (and go on to be fine counsellors and guides to help others) – but not, (last I heard anyway) out of death.

  6. If this was the States, every one of you could have potentially broken the law by giving “medical advice without a license” – go check out any vitamin/alt. health online store in the US to see the BIG disclaimers they have to pad out with.My point?

    The law is an ass.

    How many of us (Tom, including you before you stopped!) have on just one occasion drunk enough to be drunk and disorderly – if we'd been caught?

    Ever downloaded – well, pretty much anything except off a store, or hacked your phone, or taped a movie and kept it for further viewing…

    I never support violence, but the day ambu crews start reporting “crimes” is the day this country is finally a police state, hands down, no contest.

    Because that is the day the Soviet concept of “block watchers” integrates with our public servants to make all our lives guilty until proven innocent.

    Ends rant.

    I will send my magic invisible vultures to suck out your pain, I can't get sued for that, last I heard….

  7. PS And if someone had called the police, and if they may have imprisoned the person – given the realistic stats on the effects of imprisonment on first time non-violent offenders, would that REALLY have “cured” them?More likely that, worse case scenario, they'd leave with HIV, a drug habit and load of tips n'tricks for new crimes – best case, they'd come out to a life messed up and have to be a really “Billy Bootstraps” kind of person to make anything good out of it.

  8. I stand by my assertion that I much preferred dealing with Cannabis than alcohol in the homeless hostel. The cannibis users were much less likely to be violent.

  9. The phone is going to be replaced?On Friday evening perhaps?!

    Maybe an iPhone won't cure you, but playing with it should certainly make you feel better 🙂

  10. By commercial they're telling you it's the really strong stuff and isn't someone's home grow. Probably also that it's strong enough to have scared 'em into calling an ambulance the daft buggers.I'm curious, do you have an opinion on medical use of cannabis? I see a specialist (fully qualified UK medical consultant) who suggests that cannabis is the best thing his patients can use to help with their condition, and who is prepared to attend court with patients should it ever become necessary, obviously as long as it's only being used for personal medical reasons. (which isn't typical as the police have far better things to do)

    I hope you feel better soon, Bendy Girl x

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