Channel 4 (in the UK) are running trailers for a new programme about children reading. As part of the voiceover it mentions that “One in nine children leave Primary school without being able to read”.

This strikes me as amusing because my brother, the teacher, had recently attended a meeting at his Secondary school where it was revealed that nine out of ten children going there don’t know how to read.

This is not a ‘special’ school, just a normal school in London.

This is our future, and it’s one we’ve made ourselves.

This is also what us internet users forget, that there are large amounts of people who can’t read. And there are a fair few in England.

My father was illiterate and as a child I thought that was strange and sad. What is stranger and sadder is that it seems that things are getting worse rather than better. We are creating a group of children who will be cut off from written culture, all they will know is what they see on the TV.

The highest rated TV programmes at the moment are soaps.

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