Day Off

My brother and mother are off on (another) holiday to Miami, this means that they have the full 'collection' of all the 'C.S.I.' cities. It also proves that teachers are paid too much.

I can't go because not enough of you bought my book*. I am therefore poor. I hope you are all happy.

Bread and water for my dinner tonight, then down the pub to sup from the drip tray.

What I have been tasked to do by them is to feed the stray cat that has adopted them. This means cycling down to their place every day, as I can't afford the petrol.

On a (very slightly) more serious note – I have no ambulance work until next Saturday, but lots of running around doing writing type stuff. There are even two days of early (6 a.m.) starts.

So today will be spent playing World of Warcraft and watching England most likely lose at rugby. I also think that my mobile phone has broken itself – it must have heard me talking about the iPhone.

I've decided to go to the MCM Expo tomorrow, as that is the day that they hold the talk that I'm really interested in. The one about how to break into comics.

Right – I'm off to kill elves or some-such.

*Although reading the reviews that people have posted does massage my ego nicely.

16 thoughts on “Day Off”

  1. All I can say to that post is….hurry up and write another book so I can buy that too!!Hope thats helped massage your ego even more πŸ™‚

  2. Massaging an ego ….” oo er, what a picture that conjures up !!I live in France and am desperately waiting for the match tonight to see if I have the right to laugh at my French colleagues on Monday …. or not…. (possibly “or not”).

    Although I would certainly not stoop to the “laughing” level – I'd just wear my England top and a big smile !! :o)

    Enjoy your days off young man (is that massaging or teasing ….?) and 'erm maybe choose Miami instead of a round-USA trip that you did only a little while ago ….!!! Or have you already forgotten…..? ;o)

  3. No money for food, let alone a holiday, and you're looking at the iphone. In the same way I look at the moon and know I'll probably never get there?

  4. I bought your book…and read it too, it definately kept me turning pages. Im a physio and it was really interesting so read about what goes on before the patients get to me!

  5. Come to Glasgow – in some of the seedier pubs years and year ago, someone of the money challenged variety could come in, and ask the barmaid for a “penny wring”Basically, the cloth she used to wipe the bar/tables wrung over a glass.Bottoms up!

  6. I have always wanted to ask… which WoW realm do you favor? (oh, and as soon as my student loans come thru, I do plan on buying your book- and I hope they send me the original UK version, not the American one you mentioned in an earlier post)Thanks much,


  7. we bought the book, stop whinging and maybe with the next one I'll make my friends and family buy their own copies … maybe …..

  8. Well you're a brilliant writer (and I'm not saying that to be nice, because I'm not – nice, that is) so one possible next step is to do something fictionalised that is high concept enough to make it as a movie/tv drama – then you may well find you can afford to have someone peeling you grapes, if you play your cards right.Either way your life experiences in this job (alone) and your excellent first book stand you in good stead, and anything that you can do to use them as a launching pad will place you as the authority to talk about this subject, fictional or otherwise.

    I'd certainly buy anything else you wrote, fiction or factual, and would also take you seriously if you were consultant or otherwise associated with any other book/project.

    At risk of being controversial, I'm thinking about the career paths of Andy McNab and Alice Seebold, both of whom started out on what they knew (and write equally brilliantly in their own ways IMO) and then went on to produce fiction that has that stamp of factual knowledge.

    The Hotel Babylon/Air Babylon/Fashion Babylon thing – which looks a bit like a franchise, but I don't care so long as they're high quality enough, because I loved the Hotel book – are another model: probably not Ambulance Babylon, Maternataxi Babylon – but you know what I mean!

    Even that ghastly Devil Wears Prada (aka “I bitch about the people who employed me, and who I despise and feel better than”) had that insider knowledge credential, and while I can't condone her stuff, that author's certainly not going to be short for a pint or two these next few years… (and the book sucked in all ways IMO)

    So, even Belle Du Jour's success in print and tv, and all the aforementioned do clearly demonstrate that people (I'm one of them!) can't get enough of well-written books by and about people in an unusual line of work. Because, they rock!

    Okay I'm waffling…. sorry, but in my defence, I have WAY too many offline mates who fail to exploit (in the best sense of that word) their own genius and their own niche and unique experiences, and I don't even know you, but am so getting that vibe sometimes, and doubly so off this post…. and, I'm so shutting up now before I get banned or something!

  9. oh no, another wow player, you've been downgraded in my estimation of you, if you're a rogue you get an automatic gank

  10. Smoochie, it's a strong vibe isn't it πŸ™‚ It is a 'feel the fear and do it anyway' sort of moment, perhaps?.Tom, I bought your book twice (once for me and once as a gift) is that not enough? if you write another one, we will buy that too.

    (I did lend it a few folk though, do you want me to go round a get 50p of each of them.)

    Re cat care, the bike ride will be good exercise, stroke/talk to the cat and that will do wonders for your stress levels, and we have read what a softie you are for animals, you can write about cats bound to be a best seller!

  11. Saaay, didn't you just come back from a holiday? Came to see us over here, as I recall.Hope everyone's luggage turns up ok; there was a Delta flight yesterday had to return to the terminal because two bags FELL OUT of the airplane. The news reader said “Delta has not given up trying to locate the missing bags”. Well, great.

  12. I purchased your book after reading it on-line in pdf format. It was very well written, and both humourous and sad in parts but a joy to read.I have sung your praises high and low and even have lent my copy to a friend (something I do rarely) and am now eagerly awaiting more blood, sweat and tea on the frontline… so when is the second book due..


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