The Ravings Of A Deranged And Disorientated Mind

So we narrowly avoided telling someone 'injured' in a minor RTA to bugger off after he started arguing with the policeman trying to help him out. Instead we distracted him by taking him to hospital so that his bruises could be seen to. If we'd let the man continue he would have really started to annoy the copper.

A nod and a wink to the officer and he was spirited away before his fists started to fly.

My brain is disconnected somewhat because, after my last night shift, I stay awake for the next twenty hours (total time awake will be 34 hours) in order to reset my body clock to 'real' time.

I'm answering emails today – I hope that at least some of them make sense. Perhaps I should put a disclaimer in the signature?

Currently rather enjoying this.

Which beats me crying over this because my brain is currently mush. (If you know where it is from then excellent – if you don't know, I'm not telling you as I don't want to spoil anything).

Why the rapid return to 'real' time?

Tomorrow there is the London Expo, a few things during the week, and next weekend the Mac Live Expo.

Busy, busy, busy.

Can't be sleeping now can I?

16 thoughts on “The Ravings Of A Deranged And Disorientated Mind”

  1. Nice piece, if you ignore the few bum notes, and the fact that the mufflers need looking at on the piano. Still better than I can play, tho' ;-)Hope your brain gets un-fried soon


  2. So you're a sucker for piano, too, huh? If you haven't already, you might want to check out Ludovico Einaudi's album Le Onde. Particularly the title track – it's marvellous.

  3. Yeah. I know it. Brilliant……that'd be the “gateway” to a couple of hours of really good entertainment!! That'll keep you going till bedtime. Have you completed it yet? She's a real piece of work isn't she!! My favourite line in the whole thing: “……and always remember, if at first you don't succeed………you fail!!”Reckon I can use that on shift sometime…….

  4. I like, “Android Hell is real”, and “remember when I pretended to try to kill you and we all laughed?”.And of course the “Assume the party position”.

    I've played through it twice, and done the advanced maps. I'm not waiting for the user generated content.

    (I think I've already mentioned my love for the Weighted Companion Cube).

  5. You do know that you are led right to the link/you tube page when you click on the things, don't you :-)))))))))

  6. Gah, i'm so dense. It's just taken me twenty minutes looking at those posts and Googling stuff, only to remember you were talking about it not all that long back. Duh

  7. hii Tom this is a bit off the topic of this little thread but I was wondering about FRU crewing in the LAS. Do you all take turns to crew the FRU or do some paramedics only do FRU work?

  8. People choose to work on the car for a period of time. I did it for a year before it drove me mad(er).But, this is something else I'll be posting about later…

  9. Thanks for that Tom. I have just had the chance to sit and listen to some of their material properly. It's completely off track from what I would normally listen to….but I like lolIt's really quite soothing in an odd, stem brain kind of way…do please keep it coming 🙂

  10. No idea where its from, great music though but its a sorry state of affairs when such a good make of piano (Ronisch) obviously isn't being looked after…. How sad am I?

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