Links From The Lit. Festival.

As part of my talk with the panel at the Cheltenham Literature Festival I mention that there are a fair number of UK based medical blogs. I'm linking to some of them below (in no particular order, just the order I clicked on them in my RSS Reader).

This is set to post just as the panel starts and will be the 'datashadow'. Here's hoping anyway…

The social worker blog is a bit too 'corporate' to be what I'd consider a 'proper' blog (whatever that means), but there seems to be an absence of personal social worker blogs. I also can't find a UK based radiographer blog.

Suggestions of additions to this list gratefully received.

A&E Nurse blog.

Ambulance controller.

Mental Health Nurse blog.

Patient blog.

Medical Student blog.

Hospital doctor blog.

Midwife Blog.

GP blog.

Physiotherapist Blog.

Pharmacy Blog.

The collection of Social Worker blogs (Not really what I'd call blogs, but there you go…).

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