Get Up And Walk

Now, I'm not a football fan in the slightest. Part of the reason is because of this episode.

Now, if I were one of the pitch medics having seen the goalkeeper overact in such a fashion I'd have wandered over to him, kicked his boot and told him to stop being such a daft sod.

Just like I would if it happened on the streets of Newham.

(I seem to remember it being a 'rule' that anyone injured on the pitch is stretched off – but I'll be damned if I'm putting my back at risk by stretchering off someone with absolutely nothing wrong with them).

It's got nothing to do with him probably earning more in a week than I do in a year.

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  1. Lets examine this.Your team has just lost 2-1 in the Champions League which leaves you in third place and with severely dented pride.Then some twonk comes on the field and gives you a pat. You chase after him, then suddenly relalise a way you can get your opponents three points deducted.Nuff said.

  2. Now that is why I watch rugby…they actually have a good reason for me to stretcher them off the pitch. If they let me, which is very rare.

  3. Rugby is a lout's gane played by gentlemen.Football is a gentleman's game played by louts.

    It's all about money. If you can't win fair, then do everything you can to get the opponent's players sent off. Better still nobble them for the season.

  4. A rugby player will run into a wall, get up and run on.A footballer will trip over a feather and spend months on the sidelines.

    It would be interesting to see footballers playing rugby.

  5. From the video it is hard to tell if he was perhaps hit with something after he had started chasing the fan, it has apparantly happened before? Pennies and the like?However, if it turns out he just had an urgent desire to get intimate with the grass at that precise moment I hope FIFA get some balls and throw the book at him. Its exactly that sort of poncing arrogance that has ruined the game

  6. Honestly, until TV referees are used in football matches, and faux injuries get the players and clubs fined, this sort of thing will go on. It makes football very hard to watch.After all, these are some of the fittest people on the planet, but they drop like flies. And they wonder why they get no respect?

    Hold on, after reviewing the video, you can clearly see that when he runs after the 'fan', he drops his handbag.

  7. You're right. He drops his handbag and trips over it. With all his earnings for that day inside it was like falling over an RSJ. Then he hit the grass and was stung by a rare poisonous beetle.

  8. Exactly Rugby is a proper mans game, non of these big jessies poncing about, tripping over blades of grass and writhing about in agony as if theyd just been mauled by a ferocious animal.

  9. it's blatantly obvious (as he'd just dropped an almighty clanger which led to the winner) he was trying to milk the contact and get the game abandoned… Curiously Dida was hit by a flare a while back in a game against Inter, and was injured for real. It led to the game being abandoned (and awarded to Milan 3-0) and a hefty punishment for Inter.So far it seems the result will stand (Nothing happened towards the Milan end after the incident and a reserve goalkeeper came on to replace him) and Celtic will end up with an affordable (and deserved) fine.

    PS this beats my first attempt at a comment where i copied the stuff about footballers but replaced “footballers” with “black people”

  10. Oh, and I thought football was a mans' game. I'm more of a man than that whoos. Makes me wonder why anyone bothers to watch football any more if it's full of pansies crying and tripping over a blade of astroturf.

  11. Can't help feeling that the world would be a better place if there was more of the 'Rugby' attitude instilled in people – “stop moaning, get up and get on with it” – rather than the football “moan, whine, and get the world to feel sorry for you”.

  12. As a Milanese I feel really ashamed.Had the goalkeeper been the mighty Zola of Inter I believe it would have been the hooligan to have been carried away on a stretcher (and with some serious reasons!)


  13. They have got soft without doubt. There was a german goalkeeper who joined Man. City not too long after the second world war, can't remember his name. Most of the fans were not happy about this. One game he hit his head against the goal post and his neck hurt. He found that if he put his hand to the back of his neck, it didn't hurt as much, so he played the rest of the game that way.When they checked him over after the game, they discovered he had broken his neck. The fans didn't heckle him after that.

  14. Yeah, so the final score is a small fine for Celtic, and a two match European ban for the goalkeeper there.Which means that Dida will be able to play against Celtic again this season (4th of December, fact fans) and hopefully make another flub that costs his side a point :*)

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