I am still alive, although I've been very busy for these past two days.

Mostly sleeping.

I just thought that I'd mention that this coming Saturday and Sunday I'll be in Cheltenham for the Times Literature Festival.

Saturday will be spent mainly wandering around checking out some of the talks.

Then on Sunday I become one of the guests. For an hour I'll be on a panel with Jed Mercurio (who is a writer I greatly admire) and Dr. Thomas Stuttaford (who writes for The Times).

There are details online.

I'm listed as a 'performance'. This amuses me. It also amuses me that I'm considered Literature.

If you want to see me there is a payment involved and I'm getting paid for my appearance.

This amuses me no end.

I'll also be around for book signings and 'photocalls', it's part of the work contract I signed.

I doubt I'll be much bothered by constant calls for my picture to be taken.

4 thoughts on “Cheltenham”

  1. Oh bum.. tis only a short train ride away, but I think I'm Johnnying all weekend. I know how much you love us 😉

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