Someone Shoot The Marketing Department.

From the BBC.

TV channel UKTV G2, which shows cult comedy and game shows aimed at young men, is to be rebranded Dave.

UKTV says the new name is based on the idea that “everyone knows a bloke called Dave”.

The head of Dave, Steven North, said: “Changing the channel name to Dave enables us to create a strong and noisy personality for the channel that immediately aligns us with our core 16-34 male audience.”

Because 16-34 year old males are obviously morons.

This is the future we have built, TV channels named ‘Dave’. ‘UKTV Bright Ideas’ obviously being considered too fucking high-brow for the TV viewer of today.

I can easily imagine some spotty media studies marketing moron standing up in a meeting and asking, “UKTV Bright Ideas, doesn’t that sound a bit gay?”.

Suddenly the reasons why I don’t watch much telly become blindingly obvious.

Or maybe I’m being harsh because I’m not in the demographic that would find saying, “Did you see the tits on that woman on Dave last night” brilliantly witty.

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