Women’s Football (Oh, And A Happy Birthday)

I’m sitting around my Mum’s house watching the English Women’s football team playing against Japan in the World cup. While I can’t stand football at the best of time, women’s football interests me – but not for the reason you might think.

Why I like it is that the women have more aggression than the ‘normal’ man’s game. They spend less time rolling around on the floor, they don’t cry when the national anthem is played and they aren’t horribly overpaid*.

But even if they do really well, they won’t be allowed to play in the Olympic games. For which I blame the Welsh and Scots.

The (female) commentator said something that you wouldn’t hear during a men’s game.

“She’s really missing her children”.

Because, of course, the men don’t think of their children when they are away from home. That or women just worry more.

…And why do they keep calling them ‘girls’?

Anyway – the reason why I am sitting at my mum’s house is because it is my brothers birthday today – for which I made this email birthday card that has a special resonance for those of us who indulge in a bit of World of Warcraft.

Happy Dingday

*Of course, as I write this Aluko missed an open goal, resulting in a cavalcade of shouting, swearing and abuse from my mum.

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