Quite simply one of the nicest things I’ve ever read.

Woke up (late) to email from
Laurenn, switched on the phone to
find text from Fraction: at 8pm
local time, Henry Leo was born to
Kelly Sue DeConnick and Matt
Fraction in Kansas City. Text ends:
“mother&son totally awesome.”

Brian Wood once commented that
when his daughter Audrey gets old
enough to Google, the first entry
on her will probably be on my
website, written a few hours after
her birth. Hank’s first entry will
be on Laurenn’s: but what an
interesting thought, that soon an
entire generation will find their
births recorded by friends as live
entries on a global communications

And, in little Hank’s case, that his
entire gestation has been recorded
online by his mother as a globally-
accessible lifebook.

And that he was born into an
extended circle of friends that
encircles the planet, who will watch
his back for his entire life.

Welcome to Earth, Henry Leo. You’re
going to do just fine.

From Warren Ellis (who normally writes much nastier stuff)

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