9 thoughts on “Stephen Fry”

  1. It's mentioned in today's Popbitch mailout… I suspect a lot of people might be trying to access it. I hope they're having more luck than me!

  2. Bizarre. I'm having the linkage problem which is likely due to the traffic mentioned before. Then I thought I'd be smart so I popped the URL into “Add a feed” on Google Reader. Lo and behold! You have subscribed to…. something entirely in Russian.My, Mr Fry has branched out. Cynicism, articulate wit and parody in Cyrillics!

  3. Thanks for pointing out this blog. His previous website wasnt updated over a period of about 6 monthsthat I looked on it (don't know if this is still the case) so this is the second best thing as I'm a big fan too. Thanks again.

  4. Oh my lord, that is a blog for the boys!! Do you really find all that stuff interesting? Will keep checking it out though, because he is an interesting, lovely bloke and he might not always write about boys toys..

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