Nurse:Patient Ratio

Here is something a bit shocking that I didn't know (and should have considering that I used to be a nurse). In the UK there is no legal ratio of nurses to patient. If a trust wants to have one nurse looking after twenty patients, they can.

Anyway, I won't waste time telling you about it when zarathustra of Mental Nurse has done a top job of doing so.

So if you agree, and live in the UK, go and sign the petition – they need 200 signatures before October the 6th and are nearly there.

And it might make some hospital administrators a bit nervous – which is always a good thing.

5 thoughts on “Nurse:Patient Ratio”

  1. No problem at all, it makes sense to all right minded people. It was good of you to think it up.(And I would have pimped you earlier if I were more up to date on my RSS feeds)

    Obviously the government will ignore it, but I like to live in hope.

    (Have you tried getting some answers from your MP? That can help sometimes…)

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