First up I would like to thank Dave for sending me the link to yesterdays post. It was bad form to forget to credit him – my only excuse is that I was laughing too much.
Another short post from myself today as I shall be mainly replacing my car battery (which should take minutes), and then I will be upgrading my Macbook's hard drive (which will probably be the work of hours and more than a little bit of swearing).

Also there is shopping. I need cow juice to put in my tea.

As I left you with something funny yesterday, I thought that today I would link to something much more thought provoking.

Three blogs from America, one a police officer, one a paramedic and one an ER nurse, collaborated on a call that they all shared. It shows how all these services work together to try and do the best for our patients and is powerful reading.

Start with the Police officer's entry.

Then the Paramedic.

And finally the Nurse.

12 thoughts on “Collaboration”

  1. I have been following their blogs for a few months now so I read these when they first published them. Have to say that it is compelling stuff and gives a very interesting insight.Shame that Babs has decided to take a break from blogging.

  2. We are genuinely touched by the reaction that we've received regarding the collaboration.I want to make clear, however, that this isn't an everyday occurance– it's just one that occurs, and sticks with you. I think that this kind of thing, every day, would probably keep me from being able to stick it out even half as long as my father a 40 year Texas peace officer.

  3. I suppose that I should have introduced myself.I'm the North Texas police officer who wrote the first section of that collaboration. Welcome, and thanks for reading. Please feel free to peruse my archives— sprinkled in and around my blog are a few “war stories.”

    For whatever reason, I find reading quality medical blogs to be a lot of fun. Perhaps y'all will feel similarly about mine, which might loosely be thought of as a “cop blog.”

  4. I remember in minute detail the jobs that have sent me home with a desparate and overwhelming need to hug my kids. To hold them tight and know that they are real.I remember them.

  5. You glossed over your Auto Battery Adventure.Here's mine from 2001 as it appeared in TechTales.

    (Stories from Computer Technicians and Support Persons.)

    ((When the stories were funny.))

    When I need clock batteries for the Mac ( 4.5v…..3.6v…) I stop at the battery store on my way to work.

    I parked in one of the two handycapped slots by accident, but it was before 9am….what were the odds that TWO people would come for wheelchair batteries in the five minutes it would take me to get Mac batteries? (Could this be the cause of what happened next? Naaaah!)

    I buy the batteries (I keep one of each on hand all the time) and then get in my car. I turn the key and POP! It's dead Jim! %$#@! I'm late for an appointment and I have no money for car repairs! I open the hood (after pulling the brake release a couple of times) and see…'s the battery! There probably shouldn't be a hole on the top of it.

    The guy I bought the Mac batteries from takes a look, and replaces the battery while I wait. The car battery cost under $30, and installation was free.

    What are the odds that my car battery would fail in the parking lot of the battery store?

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