While I'm out running around doing all those things us shift workers have to fit into odd days here and there I shall leave you with a wonderful discussion thread.

Blu-tones's adventures with Picolax and the bum clinic.

(And tomorrow I perform major surgery on my Macbook by trying to cram a 300Gb hard drive into it. Should be fun. But it might result in a bit of a delayed blogpost.)

13 thoughts on “Picolax”

  1. I work with phones all day, ringing people and answering calls.Couldn't work for a good half hour reading that, laughing too hard.

    If I get fired, Tom, I'm coming to your station with a suspicious-looking Thermos 😛

  2. I didn't laugh at all.That's because it isn't funny.

    It's a documentary 😀

    To be honest, I read it when it was in the b3ta newsletter and it made me retch. I can't help it. It's what the evil stuff has done to me.

  3. (This isn't an entirely serious comment….) ….but still, you'd wonder at the thought processes, the innate ambitions, dreams and drives, that make someone think being a bum doctor is fun?Careers counsellors, motivational speakers and the like urge us to imagine ourselves performing in our work and overcoming the challenges, to visualise and embrace with every sense the feeling of Achievement in our Working Day…. doesn't really bear thinking about, does it? :o)

    I suppose the Picolax makes it less weird, although don't ask me to produce a pie chart describing how MUCH less.

    I can just about hack picking up a special delivery by my mutt, and I get that for mums it's probably the same, but still it's a bit of an odd choice of profession.

    Especially when you consider how much more aesthetically pleasing cardiology, or even the renal system, can be: kidneys are possibly the cutest internal organ, little beanie babies doing really clever things with blood, and they're just ADORABLE to look at!! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Kidney_PioM.png

    ……okay I've just realised, I'm weird, too. NURSE!!!!

  4. My ten year old daughter is busy resuscitating me right now. I was crying with laughter. This HAS to be published. Sheer brilliance. Thanks Tom.

  5. *finishes neb*That was hysterical! I hate to think of a mountain biker with Picolax in their camelpak!


    How do you find these snippets???


    * stopped wheezing my head off now!*

    PS please put a health warning on these type of funnies!

  6. And I thought nothing was worse than Citramag.The first time I took Citramag I had a yellow jet shooting out my rear end.'What' thought I, 'has this stuff rearranged my plumbing?'

  7. OMG you really should have warned us about that one. I was trying so hard to look like I was working, difficult with tears streaming down my face. I had to wait until I got home. I was in so much pain from laughing I had to keep taking breaks.Bad Bad Man!!!

  8. i'm a medical secretary and i work for two, yip, you've guessed it, colorectal surgeons. i have to say, that was absolutely the best EVER! it was hysterical but it was also extremely accurate lol. think maybe next time one of our patients asks what's it like i'll just give them the link…

  9. Strangely enough, last couple of times I've taken it, it's had no effect at all on me. Indeed one time I actually went less often (which is to say once every 3 hours) and it was less liquid than the normal pattern of my bowels at the time. Oh, the joys of Crohn's.

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