“And After Three Days Of Drinking”

…Actually it was one day's drinking and three days of catching up on the telly that I'd recorded, but the “three days” thing is a line from one of my favourite songs.

So three days of rest and recovery from the holiday, and as I sit and type this I'm three short hours from heading back to work. Then I have some writing to do for a few people and then I suspect I'll have to start work on the sequel to 'Blood, Sweat and Tea'.

I was giving some thought about the sequel, about making at least a third of it original content by looking back at my time as an A&E nurse. Then I got an email from an A&E doctor who has written a book about working in an A&E department. This meant I was going to have to trawl through this obviously inferior manuscript so that I wouldn't be accused of pinching his ideas.

Except that the swine has written a really good book.

I would say that if you like my writing, you'll like this – 'Dr Nick' explains what happens after I wave goodbye to my patients at the hospital, he also writes well on the politics that are screwing up the NHS. Funny and touching, while cynical he does also have a soft spot for the same sorts of patients that I like.

I can highly recommend this book – I enjoyed it, even though for me it's a busman's holiday.

It's also cheap.

8 thoughts on ““And After Three Days Of Drinking””

  1. If only I'd waited. I could've got you both at the same time for just 7.49 and still had change from a tenner for a cup of tea and bacon roll..Oh, and good choice of song. The original album version I hope and not the Sopranos version!

  2. Given that a number of my colleagues have left the service to drive buses, I find that comment a little worrying. No freudian slips going on here are there? I'd miss you putting into words all my darkest rants terribly!! Welcome back mate!

  3. I bought it on your recommendation, got it yesterday, started it on the way to work this morning and have read over 50 pages already despite indulging guiltily in the Metro beacuse the shop had run out of gurdians. Thanks for the tip.

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