The First Couple Of Days On Tour.

I don't think that I'm the sort of person who 'does' tours. Being ferried from place to place (including having to get out of bed at 6am, which is as bad as work).

I'm also a person who desires some degree of 'aloneness', which is the main reason why I don't keep any of my girlfriends. The only time I'm alone is when I'm in the toilet.

It seems that we are missing the really good stuff in order to go and stare at some rocks. Again, this lack of freedom rankles.

It would seem that the English really do pack our weather with us – there have been torrential floods in the desert state of Arizona. Which made our escape past the fire service rescuing people while wearing lifejackets rather interesting.

The tour guide is a pillock – just thought I'd get that in there.

And now there is a life-threatening heatwave heading our way (or rather, we are heading toward it.)

The really excellent bit is that I seem to have picked up an infection and am sitting here typing this (on the first internet capable place I've come across so far) shivering and shaking like one of my patients. While it may make a little vomit appear in your mouth I'm typing this topless with a wet flannel across my neck.

So… you know… Not a huge amount of 'joy' yet, but I think it's going to get better with LAs Vegas and San Francisco.

But I mustn't moan – really I mustn't, I'm lucky to be here watching awful American TV adverts (including my favourite of blokes singing about Viagra to the tune of 'Viva Las Vegas'.

26 thoughts on “The First Couple Of Days On Tour.”

  1. I wouldn't say Las Vegas has much (anything?) to recommend it, but San Francisco is tops. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Watch out for the CompUSA PC and Apple re-seller on Market Street in SF. My credit card had a nasty accident there. The 15″ powerbook G4 is a thing of beauty though.

  3. “blokes singing about Viagra to the tune of 'Viva Las Vegas'”Rofl …. wonder if its on utube yet :o)

  4. I hate to tell you that you should've done some research but…. it is monsoon season in Tucson currently, and I would expect the deserts of Las Vegas to be hot in the middle of summer too.Las Vegas isn't going to be any hotter than I would expect at this time of year, low hundreds. You will be best off staying inside during the day (gamble, go shopping, chill out in a spa, look around inside the hotels, museums, star trek experience if you're desperate!) then explore the strip by night when it's cooler, looks far better, and the belagio fountains are on, don't forget the mirage volcano and treasure island show either. Outside in las vegas in the summer heat is just a dump, but at night it comes alive, unfortunately that's when a lot of people lock themselves in the bars/clubs/restaurants/casinos. Try to do all of that during the day instead, and do your sightseeing at night.

    Get well soon, and keep up the good work, both with the blogging and general ambulancing malarky.

  5. Having just come home from holidaying there, I understand what you mean. Got food posioning from McDonalds. πŸ™ Hope you are feeling better soon.Needless to say, San Jose – San Francisco is the wireless hotspot of the bay. Every hotel I stayed in had free wifi connection in the rooms or high speed you could pay for.

    Hope you have a ball.

  6. I'd love to say you have my deepest sympathy, but you're in America and I'm stuck here working!! I need a holiday, before I murder someone. ;)By the way, get some Hershey's. It's the best chocolate in the entire world!

  7. I haven't been to Vegas but unless you're a hardcore casino freak I can't imagine you'd prefer it to San Fran which is a beautiful city with no shortage of WiFi or Coffee Shops. Sorry you're feeling a bit under the weather. Chin up !

  8. God you have taste! HUrshey bars are amazing!!! Much better than the english stuff i aslo love the american burger king!!! MUch better!!!

  9. Sorry to hear that your not feeling well but maybe thats just lifes way of getting back at you for stealing my holiday!! Na i'm just kidding hope you get better soon though!!Have fun!!

  10. That is pretty much the plan.Now, if you could just tell me why the teeth of news anchors follow you around the room…

  11. I recently had a friend from the UK visit me here in Oregon for a couple of weeks. While I spent a lot of time planning and preparing our vacation so that we would have loads of fun stuff to do, she found American TV ads most amusing! I could hardly drag her away from the TV! Yeah, I love that Viagra ad….

  12. Do not go into McDonalds or Burger King – they are vile. Go to “In-N-Out” for burgers. The Liberace Museum in Vegas is worth a visit – get a cab there and back it's not too far. It is not too big and doesn't take too long to look round, but is like nothing else!

  13. I can't see the appeal of Vegas my self; is Hawaii a tour as well, or can you hire a car and get back 'in control'? (even if it isn't a tour you could 'just do it', spend the 'advance' on your next book!)Being ill when on holiday is so miserable; I got ill in Borneo, that was miserable and scary! Walking off into the jungle in the middle of the night clutching a loo roll. The village 'headman' said my 'spirit was restless' (what an ace phrase! try it on your patients) and that If I wasn't better soon they would send for the witch doctor. That perked me up a treat!

  14. Sorry to hear you hit Arizona and got some bad weather. You have come during our Monsoon season, which is basically the only time of year we can count on a few inches of rain. It comes and goes without warning. It will pour for a minute or two, disappear and then the sun will shine bright for the remainder of the day. Personally… I love it, but then again I was born and raised. I hope the rest of your trip goes well. I love Hawaii:)

  15. Hi Tom,Sorry to hear youre not having too good a time.

    Id agree with you about tours. You get told what to do and when to do it. Make the most of it though. You can do it independently next time and when you come across a pillock, you can move on.

    Get well soon. xx

  16. tom, i hope you feel better. enjoy san francisco when you get there. the weather is usually very nice during this time of the year. don't forget to ride the cable car on california. it's going to be a thrill! why do i know this? coz i'm from the sf bay area. =)welcome to america!

  17. You must have dulled taste buds. Hershey makes 'Cadbury' chocolate under license in the US, and it tastes NOWHERE near as good as the stuff actually made by Cadbury in the UK. Not even close, in my biased English opinion….

  18. I must admit though, no chocolate bar in the world can beat Dairy Milk. I like dunking it in my tea. πŸ˜€

  19. Probably, maybe i just prefer Hursheys because they're bigger- then again i haven't had a hurshey in a while?!:~)

  20. As a confirmed chocoholic I have to disagree. How can you love a chocolate that has an aftertaste of soap?Green & Blacks for the true connoisseur! πŸ˜›

  21. It doesn't have the after taste of soap! Well maybe thats just me and my weird taste buds again eh!! lol ah well each to their own..

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