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I'm sitting round my mum's place waiting to catch the tube at 5:30 towards Heathrow. Once more my stomach is in knots because (a) I'm leaving my 'comfort zone' and (b) because I have the unreasonable fear that flight UA935 will plummet into the sea.

As long as I don't die in a flaming ball of twisted metal I should be touching down in Los Angeles at 13:51 where we spend the night.

Then I spend the next fortnight sitting in a coach being driven around the South West of America.

On Friday I spend the night in San Diego.

Saturday and Sunday I spend the time in Tucson.

On Monday, the Grand Canyon, Tuesday Lake Powell and Wednesday Bryce Canyon.

Thursday and Friday are spent in Las Vegas (which is the bit I'm second most looking forward to.

Saturday we go to Mommoth Lakes, Sunday is Yosemite.

Monday and Tuesday we stay in San Francisco, then a night in Pismo beach before finishing the mainland bit with a night in Los Angeles.

Then on Friday the bit I'm most looking forward to, five nights in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Finally on Wednesday it's flight UA934 all the way back to Heathrow and normality landing 12:15 on Thursday.

This is of course in the hopes that everything goes to plan…

If you are wondering how I have so much annual leave and the money for this holiday. It coincides with a lot of rostered days off from work and it's costing me about a third of the money I got from sales of my book. So if you bought a copy, thanks very much, because of you folks I get a holiday this year.

There may be blogging, there may not. It depends how tired I get from sitting in a coach doing nothing all day and on the availability of internet services. And the weather. And my laptop not crapping out. And my motivation.

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  1. I am so glad ure havin fun!! While you are sitting on a lovely beach earning yourself a lovely tan i am moving house!! I am moving for the 7th time in my 13 years of living!! Just to make things better my dad is away so it's just my mum and i !!! Sure you don't want to swap??!!! Anyone!!!!!!!Glad i could help towards your hols mate!! Have a great time!!

    p.s- Sure nobody wants to trade lyfestyles????!!!!! :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:

  2. Have a great holiday, Tom. I've been to every place you've mentioned on the mainland and while I'm not sure about doing it via motorcoach, you're in for a spectacular trip. Take a lot of pictures, the scenery will be stunning. Say hello to the money I left in Las Vegas a few months ago, please.

  3. Have a great trip and hope you do get time to blog so all of us working away back home can be very jealous of your vacation!!

  4. You're welcome. (in response to your thanks for buying your book). Your book introduced me to the delights of the blogosphere and even inspired me (eventually) to blog myself. Enjoy our holiday, sounds great.

  5. but how much of the money from the book sale is going to aired in Las Vegas?? Oh and i bought a book too, so i want to see Picture of the holiday i help to fund 😀

  6. Enjoy ! Stay cool – it has been intensely hot out there this year. Let's hope you come back from Vegas a richer man in both spirit and wallet… And remember, as the TV commercials over here say- 'What happens in Vegas, STAYS in Vegas…'

  7. I think your wry observations of 'the American way' will be highly blogable. I wonder if I hadn't lent my copy of your book to several friends if maybe you could have stayed a day longer 🙂

  8. Have a great time on your hols! Tip for Vegas……sign up for all the players clubs in the casinos, as you can get some great freebies. If you sit and watch some sport in the sports bars, they give you your drinks for free as they assume you are betting (Cheapskate, moi?) Have a look at Old Vegas as well as the 'new' strip, as that has more atmosphere. And last but not least, a marriage there is binding, no matter how pissed you are at the time and whether or not Elvis is at the ceremony, so keep on the compus mentis side of the line…Keep up the good work!


  9. As Bugs Bunny would say, “Bon voyag-ee”! Have a great hol, and bring back stories and photos and enough Reese's peanut butter cups for everyone 🙂

  10. Very seriouslyDrink lots of water

    SPF 70

    it will save you lots of grief later.

    Oh, and any shortcut that involves leaving the state highway could very well include unpaved roads and 50 miles to the nearest living human.

    Take care

  11. Two tips1) in Vegas, even though your drinks are free be sure to tip the waitress who brings it to you or you may find the supply drying up

    2) if you get the chance, take the helicoper ride over the Grand Canyon. It's expensive but an amazing experience you'll never forget.

    Have a great time!

  12. Wow! Sounds great! Yes, yes, SPF the highest number you can find. A couple of weeks ago I went white-water-rafting, and did not put sun screen on my legs. We were on the river ALL DAY. They are STILL red. And peeling. Very very nasty. And drink loads of water. I also had heat exhaustion during my vacation (it was 106 degrees Fahrenheit, and we were attempting a long, steep hike. Very very silly.)

  13. …and that's provided they're actually human, and don't eat and/or marry their rellies (a friend who traveled in that area tells me)….

  14. Hope you have a fantastic holiday, aside from all the good work you do your blog brightens many a day for me, and some of your quotes and the comments on here are priceless – you deserve a great time, so go to it and have fun!!

  15. Enjoy the break, just make sure you come back and keep blogging ;)Got your book though I've yet to read it but I'm glad it's helped towards your hols.Least I can do seeing as it's folks like you who will probably have to scrape me off the road if I have an accident on the bike 😉

  16. i agree i thoughourly enjoy coming home from a horrible day at school to read this blog! It puts a smile on my face everytime!!!!!

  17. I have been a lurker in your blog for a few months now. But, figured since you will be driving right through my city, and be at Lake Powell (which is only by a few miles from my home), I would post:) I hope you love Arizona. The Grand Canyon is beautiful. My ex-bf is from Southampton and came to visit me one year and we went to see it in a helicopter. It never ceases to take even a native Phoenician's breath away.

  18. Sounds like fun.Look out for different coloured ambulances and try and get some pics. I saw white & pale yellow ones at a Fire Station near Disney World…amazing…just couldn't get my head round them at all.

    Would have loved to have had a look inside…


  19. Have a great time away!I brought the book too so glad I could help with the holiday! I am ambo (EMT) in New Zealand and I love your book .. and the blog. I have been reading my family and friends bits and peices of the book, it gives them a better understanding of what we go through, (and a bloody good laugh). So the same things you suffer on your shifts in London, we seem to suffer the same here in Auckland, NZ. Keep writing mate, you are doing an excellent job, and it is much appreciated and needed!

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