Oooops…. Mistake.

I like to think that I'm good at my job – I concentrate on what I'm doing, I try to help people and I try not to make any mistakes.

Yesterday I made a big mistake – but it made me feel like I'd just received a big birthday present.

I turned up at work ready for my 14:30 start in time to go across the road and get my 'dinner' (a half-pound of dripping fat burger… yummy).

I returned to the station and started to eat it. Then one of our relief workers arrived and asked what I was doing there. I told him I was waiting for my crewmate to turn up, he then told me that he would be working with her that shift.

So I phoned up our resource centre and they told me that I had booked annual leave. Rather a lot of annual leave.

I'd completely forgotten that I'd booked it – so it was a nice surprise to be able to turn around and head home.

So between now and August the 27th I have one day of work. On the 2nd of August I head off for three glorious weeks of touring warm parts of America ending up with five days spent sitting on my arse in Hawaii. This makes me happy although it may been that blogging on this site may be a little light.

You may have to put up with me writing about my holiday rather than reading about sick people. Sorry about that, but if my mind is so frazzled that I can't remember when I booked leave I think I need a holiday.

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  1. About bloody time an all! Didn't know the word holiday was n your vocabulary. Hope you have a “swell”time, happy to read holiday blog, just keep us posted.

  2. I knew I had the Hawaii holiday – but I'd forgotten that I'd booked the time off before it. I wanted to go to the SDCC this year, but ran out of money, then must have forgotten to cancel the leave.

  3. You've nicked my partner's speciality – twice now he's booked a meeting bang smack in the middle of our family holidays, leaving me to drive to UK on my own with him catching us up by plane, and taking two under 6es skiing. He has been told that it's third time UNlucky. (With him being so dense as NOT to realise that the week long space in his diary, usually booked solid six months in advance, means he's on holiday, I am wondering why ANYONE would want to meet with him, let alone wait months to do so!)

  4. I hate it when that happens…. only because you sit there waiting, and everyone else knows that your not meant to be there. But the bonus is of course the going home bit!Have a well deserved break….

  5. Hey – enjoy Hawaii – it's fab!Just remember and save plenty of dosh for when you get there cos it aint cheap! (but there is some cudos in getting one of the laiis round your neck whenever you go shopping or anywhere interesting!

    Let me know if you want any pointers!

  6. good on you! I wish that one day i will turn up to school and find out that i have this amazing holiday planned however somehow i don't think that is going to happen. Hope you have a good time mate! I am sure that there will be plenty of sick people waiting for you when you get back !:)You know what they are like!p.s i was just wondering have you ever been recognised by any of you patients before because of your blog?!!

  7. changing the subject ever so slightly……omg what a small world moment, as I lent my father “da book” and mum mentions “oh I know his mum” Then I find out that you grew up a street away from me and …shock horror you were my sisters first boyfriend! *decided to omit potentially embarassing stories from primary school days* Then the photos of the birthday party you attended at my house …….

    lol small small world

  8. How can you *forget* you've booked a holiday to Hawaii?? I wouldn't be able to stop thinking about it if it was me!I bet if I turned up at my work when I'd booked annual leave they'd accidentally forget to tell me and make me work the entire shift!!

  9. Hawaii is gorgeous (well, not Waikiki anymore) and you'll have a splendid time. The hot parts of the US are v-e-r-y hot right now. And brace yourself for the Vaterland Security at the airports. It's grim. I've heard that at Los Angeles airport they photograph and fingerprint all the *transit* passengers. Try not to let it color your visit. There are increasing numbers of people in the US who aren't crazy. Honest.

  10. Wow, have a great time Tom. I agree, if you can book a holiday like that and forget about it, you almost definately need it!One is muchly jealous… 🙂

  11. I'm hereby starting a petition to have Lynn Ellen stand in as Tom's guest blogger in his absence. These primary school stories should be shared. Who's with me?!

  12. Kind of like getting out of bed and getting ready for work, only to realize that it's a Saturday. A very welcome surprise ! Have fun in the sun, and if you get bored and are anywhere close to the Northeast US, drop me a line !

  13. In my world, that be case of a form of insanity, but as you remembered that you had a car and a place to go to, then thee can be saved, more puzzles for you to use as punishment.Any how, Enjoy thy well earned respite. Vegas be a tad warm has been one ton plus but at the beach on the West Coast it be in the low 80's.

    Disney be waiting and Studios be wanting thy money.

    Have fun.

  14. PS: When thee meet thy counter-part on the street waiting for customers, do not brag about all that vacation, here thee be needing to be station chief with eagle piping to get that amount of time.Enjoy

  15. 3 weeks in Hawaii, you're never allowed to moan about yur pay again ;)Seriously though, have a great time. I'm green with envy!

  16. That's quite impressive. I'm impressed, anyway.Any idea how you'll amuse yourself between now and Hawaii?

  17. Smoochie597 My reply be “Nah! .But as Rabbie Burns did mention, “Oh! to have the gifte to see ourselves as others see us , “

    I so glad I do not. But then thee have dun it. Thankeee.dungbeetle

  18. If you get chance to go to the Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor; I didn't know what to expect (I thought it might be a bit 'Disney' but I found it deeply moving.Watch the airline don't bounce you luggage on to the next days flight, it seems to be the norm, I left a snowy Manchester Airport in January and arrived in Hawaii inappropriately dressed!

    Smell the flowers, eat the fish, watch the waves, spot the turtles, have a ball.

  19. It just occured to me that the LAS must be paying Ambulance people waaaaaay too much if they're all jetting off to Hawaii for 3 weeks. I must write to someone to complain…;-)I'm just kidding, although you know some weenie bean counter in Whitehall is probably thinking the same thing..

  20. “Oh! to have the gifte to see ourselves as others see us , “Well, a webcam, a bit of insight…? :o)

    … anyway, voz dankvooz mas de complidoodle, unt ze weedle-deedle gopp.

    As God of the Sunrise in Upper & Lower parts of The Great House's realm, I am flattered you replied. :o)

  21. Hey Tom, this Aussie ambo will be in Hawaii from 5th-15th August having some well deserved R&R as well!Shame our dates don't match, have a great holiday!

  22. Aw, man… I wish i could just stumble on sudden and huge amounts of holiday.I'm still working on the grand quest of earning large sums of money without actually doing anything. It's going well. I found a fiver in my oystercard wallet this morning. I am aware that this is technically 'finding money' and not 'earning money' but it's certainly progress.

  23. Have fun on you holiday.I bought blood, sweat and tea to read on my holiday and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Thanks.


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