8 thoughts on “Why Do I Like Blogs?”

  1. My brother happens to be in London right now. I've asked them to get the book for me. They're telling me that in every place they've looked so far it's sold out!

  2. Not on this subject, BUT I have had an update from the GMC re the doctor involved in the assault on the paramedic who avoided prison because he would have lost his job:”I am writing to you in connection with Dr Mann.The GMCs Interim Orders Panel (IOP) considered the case of Dr Mann at its meeting on 10 July 2007. Dr Mann attended the meeting, and was legally represented.After considering submissions from the GMCs Presenting Officer and also from Dr Manns legal representatives, the IOP considered that it was necessary for the protection of the members of the public, in the public interest and in Dr Manns own interests to make an order suspending his registration for a period of 18 months.This means that it is not open to Dr Mann to hold any appointment as a medical practitioner for which registration is required whilst his registration is subject to an order for interim suspension.The order took effect on 10 July 2007 and will be reviewed within six months.I must stress that this is an interim order and there has been no finding against Dr Mann.”Apologies for going off the subject (and hope your bruv is OK – no wonder we have a problem with drug resistancy if they're giving IVABs without knowing exactly what they are treating….)

  3. I'm paying a bit more attention to my other blog now – there may be reasons behind this…Tease 😉

    Another reason why blogs are a Good Thing: this morning I saw a girl in Charing Cross station reading a copy of your book. No blog => no book (probably?)…

  4. ci7alex1 – tell your brother to go to Borders on Oxford Street, they have a few copies in stock. First floor, biography section.*goes to lie down in a dark place until the memory of having been in huge, busy Borders subsides*

  5. Completly off topic, but sort of relevant. I was reading a magazine article on dealing with boredom. Guess who they mentioned under the sub hading of “write a book”.

  6. Not related to this – but at least related to blogging and not ambulance type of important things – do you know you are not updating on technorati? There I was thinking you hadn't blogged in ages, how wrong I was!

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