Ceci n’est pas une post.*

*Because my brother is rather ill due to complications due to his wisdom tooth operation. He has been hospitalised and is being 'shotgunned''** with strong antibiotics. He should be alright in a few days. The LAS have been great and not only let me run to see him when he first went into hospital, but a lovely DSO has also granted me emergency leave for today so I can make sure he is getting the treatment he needs***

** Possibly a made up word.

***I know the hospital, and don't trust it – I've already noted a few mistakes they have made. IV antibiotics before blood cultures being drawn sort of thing.

28 thoughts on “Worry”

  1. Hope your brother get better soon. I never like to hear that people are going to the hospital to get their wisdom tooth removed. I did mine, each at a time, on the dentist's office. Yes, it was a bother, going in 4 times, but the recuperation was easier (having the other side of the mouth to eat with) and the procedure less traumatic.A friend who did 2 wisdom tooth under GA, woke up with her lips cut and bruised, and scratches down to her chin.

  2. Hope he gets better soon, i ended up in hospital too after my wisdom teeth were removed under GA, was horrible!Have also been reading your book, is fab

  3. I had problems after my wisdom teeth were removed under GA too, was fine until I either sneezed or yawned, not a pretty sight! Hope hes feeling better real soon so you can get back to blogging…..(just kidding)

  4. If you are going to be a patient for any reason firstly don't be related to anyone remotely medical it always seems to mean complications set in!Sorry for your poor bro,hope he's soon better. What I want to know is , what the heck wisdom teeth are for anyway?

    ps sory I twittered you first before reading blog

  5. Poor bloke, hope he gets well soon!I would say please pass on the best wishes of someone he's never heard of, who posts under a made-up name on the internet, but that might worry him if he's feverish…. anyway it's the thought that counts!

  6. and people wonder why some are worried about seeing dentists*eeek*

    all the best for your brother, Tom.

    May the ABs work their little wonderous magic!

  7. DSO – Duty Station Officer? Don't take my word for it, but I'm guessing that's what it means.Hope your brother is OK soon. I'm never going to the dentist again!!

  8. All the best for your poor brother Tom, I feel his pain…Also, 'Shotgunned, Adj: Covering a wide range in a haphazard or ineffective manner'. Which is probably exactly the aim with a wide-spectrum antibiotic I imagine 🙂

  9. Hope he gets better soon.Btw first post – Great blog and great book Tom! Keep up the good work mate!And now for some french lesson: About that famous “Ceci n'est pas une pipe” painting…Did you know that the word “pipe” has a dual meaning in french?It also means 'blowjob' :DBonjour de Belgique.

  10. ouch… Best wishes to your brother, Tom. I had my wisdoms out under a GA and just felt like I'd been kicked in the mouth for a couple of days.The craziest thing about getting my wisdom teeth out – I lost my “sweet tooth”. Now, I can't deal with sugar in stuff, it tastes metallic.Keep us posted, won't you?

  11. I meant it more in the way, 'trying to cover everything' rather than the ineffective form of the word.

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