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“I always carry a large pair of scissors. Issued so I can cut a patient's clothes if necessary, they're my one form of self-defence if I'm in real danger.”

Yes. Apart from them not being sharp (because you don't want to cut a patient's flesh by accident). And not heavy (because they are cheap NHS plastic). But you can use them to rub against the back of someone's hands to get them to drop you.

My one form of self defense is running away really quickly, or not being there in the first place.

I hate being made to look like I'm aiming to stab people.

13 thoughts on “Stabby?”

  1. I read your blog to my daughter, who was using my trauma shears last night to cut of a taped diaper (my grandson loves running naked… dangerous when not potty trained). She loved it!My multi-tool and my mini-mag flashlight have been very good defensive weapons for me in a few situations.The D cylinder… nice use!

  2. Don't want to appear rude to the 'good makers' of our scissors but mine only seem to cut one patients clothing before being totally blunt- not to mention the fun I have when it comes to bikers!! Think most of my colleagues use the knives similar to the seat belt cutters that are totally covered and I'm not even sure if rubbing the back of a hand would work!! Love it when the media represents us so truthfully!!

  3. From my point of view, it's bordering on defamation. I mean, how much of that stuff did you actually say? Surely you could get pulled up for a few of the things said in that article…?Thats the last time I buy a Mail anyway, I thought The Sun was sensationalist

  4. And if all else fails a D size o2 cylinder is quite a brick…Got my Paramedic interview tommorrow 🙂 woop

  5. My shears do my fingernails (cheaper than clippers) and cut paper and things on station. I have a knife for most other things.

  6. Like I said the other day, the cylinder has some marvelous uses! I agree with the philosophy of running away though! Cheaper than gym membership too!

  7. … and the CDs have a handle so you can use them like a battering ram!Large maglites look lethal too!

    I read the article online too – it is amazing what the press can missinterprete! Outrageous! They never get peoples ages right either I have found.

    When I used to do big pop concerts ( eg V at Hylands Park ) with St John Amb I would secure the shears etc in a pouch with a large nappy pin especially as we would have to wade through crowds!

    Oh, and shears – good for trimming overgrown brambles!


  8. I'm a maglite girl myself. I have a 3 cell tucked on my shoulder (which is naturally only tucked in the crook of my shoulder as it illuminates the scene so effectively!), though interestingly I've yet to use it for anything other than illumination, but it makes me feel better!! The use of the CD as a battering ram rocks. I'm SO logging that for future use.Oh, and sorry Tom, but as a patient once said to me:”It was in the newspaper so it MUST be true”. You're rumbled!!……You're SO rumbled!!

  9. we used to get issued with straight metal scissors and then a pair of bandage scissors. Technically scissors should be dissposable. Therefore the cheap type. If H&S hadn't got so annal we could have decent scissors issued.

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