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…And while I sit on station waiting to the floor of the ambulance to dry due to my last patient having some difficulty keeping their blood on the inside I have a chance to moan at the Daily Mail.
I'm in today's edition and they make it sound like the words are coming right from my mouth rahter than an accurate reporting.

The first paragraph is the worst, making it sound like I'm some sort or hero being surrounded by knife-wielding maniacs. Trust me, if that were the case I'd be driving away quicker than you can say, “Look at that sensible man driving away from the armed nutters”.

After the hyperbole it settles down a little, but if you are a regular reader then you know that the words aren't my own – it is quite interesting to see how it's been written for the style of the paper, words like 'horrific', 'shocking' and 'pressure cooker'.

It's not a huge misrepresentation – but it does make it sound like East London is a war-zone rather than a place that can get a bit rowdy.

Still it *is* the Daily Mail, so what else did I expect when I chatted to the reporter earlier in the year.

You can read the full article here.

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  1. Ah you see – my glasses go dark in sunlight, and that would make my eyes disappear in any photo of me – so I have to take them off hen a picture is being taken (unless it's indoors).Nothing to do with vanity at all – I *like* my glasses.

  2. There I was sitting in the dentist's waiting room waiting, and waiting……..anyway, I turned the page and there you were!!! I must admit after I read it I thought it's a bit more dramatic than your usual blog but then I remembered that it was the Daily Mail after all.And a double page spread to boot!!

  3. (Appropriately, at least for a geek, the comment verification thingy wants me to type “JK FUD”)I thought there was considerable scope for them to have done it worse, though there were some very not-you bits, like the one where they try to paint you as walking into every building brandishing a large pair of scissors, ready to stab anyone you find. Aah, a granny! *stab*

    And I don't think you have the kit to strap people down to the beds, do you? You always describe holding them down.

    There were good bits: whoever you chatted to did actually make notes and mention stuff important to you, not just the violence, but the understaffing, the rise in numbers of calls, and then ending on the plan to use cars instead of ambulances.

    So some good points did get made!

    That, and your blog got a plug, too 🙂

  4. I'm glad you got the chance to publicise this problem. In my little town booze-related violence has increased by 85% in the last year, and we don't have any venues licensed later than 2 am. With regard to the hyperbole I think that's just par for the course for the Daily Wail. Its constituency is, after all, the twitching righty-tighty.Daily Mail headline generator

  5. I shall hence forth refer to Tom as 'Captain Tight Pants'(I hope someone can name the reference 😛 )

  6. As a Contro type. I am fed up to the back teeth with the policeasking LAS to attend fights in progress etc, when the plod have no units to send. I have now started my own police – NO AMBULANCE UNTIL POLICE ON SCENE. I tell police this, and they reply with: “Please advise when LAS on scene if police required”. Not surprisingly, I repeat NO AMBULANCE UNTIL POLICE ON SCENE

  7. Gah, i'm embarrased…I used to read the Mail.Somehow I can't imagine Tom brandishing a pair of scissors with intent, that just doesn't fit

  8. Captain Tight Pants: Captain Malcom Reynolds, from Firefly!! FAB!!! Works so well, on so many levels!

  9. brandishing a large pair of scissors, ready to stab anyone you find. Aah, a granny! *stab* Yeeesss… I so *loved* that impression that they gave – I've never had to strike anyone yet, and I hope not to.

  10. I always carry a large pair of scissors.Issued so I can cut a patient's clothes if necessary, they're my one form of self-defence if I'm in real danger.

    Yes. Apart from them not being sharp (because you don't want to cut a patient's flesh).

    My one form of self defense is running away really.

  11. It really does read as if you are the author writing the article. There doesn't seem to be any indication that you were interviewed by someone else who then wrote an article based on the interview. The impression given is that Ms Cunningham has merely asked/encouraged you to write down Your Story and persuaded the editor of the Mail to publish it.Which is a shame, because, at the risk of sounding like a sycophant, your own writing style is better.

  12. Just read article and saw: “When I first trained, I was taught how to safely control and restrain violent patients. Now we're trained in escape techniques. That's how badly things have deteriorated”. Is this true?? you should feel very lucky! On my tech course we were told “we really wanted to teach you some escape techniques but we've been told we haven't got the time and we can't run an extra course because it will cost too much. Just don't go into dangerous environments”. Good, all we need now is for patients to inform control on calling, that they aim to be aggressive, then we won't go in!!!

  13. Yet again, can't fault your comment Batsgirl – if I knew no better I'd think Tom wrote it on an off day.As an aside, does anyone think that the photo which is captioned “The kind of violence Tom Reynolds faces every day” – two scantily-clad birds fighting while WPC appears to grin, and some random skinhead gets involved – is almost worthy of a pay-per-view website, and kind of undermines their point about how BAD all this street badness really is?

    Or is that just me? :o)

  14. “As an emergency medical technician – a form of paramedic”I thought EMTs and Paramedics were more separate than that? Or am i just a blundering fool?

    I love that paragraph all on its own in the article: “It's a pressure cooker.”

  15. I think its to stop people thinking that an EMT is a nothing and a paramedic is everything. When its sooooooooo the toher way around. (kidding)Remember your statistically more likely to survive a cardiac arrest with a tech crew, than with a paramedic.

  16. Tom,when will you learn not to speak to the press…up here in the frozen north which is anything north of the M25 i have learned by bitter experience that all comments on and off the record are usually taken out of context to fit the reporters view as they see fit.I know this is a sweeping generalisation but it has served me well seeing as i`m not a fireman that has just saved some ducks from a puddle in which case they would dot the i,s and cross the t,s and they might even spellcheck it if it was a very large puddle.P.S great blog by the way i always laugh when i read it….it`s like my day with only the names changed to protect the moronic

  17. “My one form of self defense is running away really.”Anyone else have a vision of Tom as Rincewind from the Terry Pratchett books at that? 😀

    You could always write a letter to the Mail, listing your corrections of the article and see if they print it? (if you're really bored, that is)

  18. Is that really true? And if so, Why!?!?I have to say I am incredibly confused by the various roles in the Ambulance service, being a bit blinkered I thought everyone was a trained paramedic apart from those training? 😐

  19. A paramedic has many more protocaols to run thru, inludin gettin IV access. All of hich takes time. A tech crew will tend to scoop and run, which means you will be in definitive care sooner. Thus uincreasing your chance of survival.There is a study somewhere about it.

  20. Tom, you weren't *wearing* your glasses in that picture! Surprised me, as you have often mentioned liking to have them on as a barrier between bodily fluids and your eyes. Or was it to emphasize that LAS haven't paid for your new pair yet?

  21. Your “horrific” story, eh? =)Good god, the whole thing is so exaggerated it's funny. I especially like the way they try to make out that you broke your ribs being ATTACKED.

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