Good News

Two bits of good news. Well, one bit of good news and one bit of astoundingly brilliant news.

Firstly, remember the man who had a cardiac arrest and had immediate CPR by the St John ambulance fellow?

He's only gone and kept living, now he's sitting up and chatting with people and should be discharged soon.

A real success story.

And now for the astoundingly excellent news.

I have my travel mug back.

'W00t!' as I believe the young people say.

21 thoughts on “Good News”

  1. Congratulations, it's a wonderful feeling.I'm a relatively new Call Taker with the South Australian Ambulance Service, and I had my first 'successful' CPR instruction over the phone the other night.

    I got a call from one of the two crews that attended wanting to pass on thanks from the wife (who I was instructing to do CPR) for the help, and from themselves, as it kept him close enough to alive for them to be able to pump him full of adrenaline and electricity, to keep him alive until the hospital.

    Unfortunately his outlook won't be that good, as he had undergone a triple bypass the week before, but at least he should be able to say goodbye ๐Ÿ™

  2. What terrific news on both counts! Lovely to know the end of the cardiac story. Do you know if your mug enjoyed its holiday? Where did it go?..and what does Woot mean?

  3. Haha, yes we do say that indeed! I'm surprised that as a self-confessed tech lover you're not keener on internet speak!Glad about all the good news ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. (Madelaine: w00t … just think woo-o-o with a bit of a “t” on the end. Or, for a real answer, got to Wikipedia which says it's a backronym (and what the hell is that??) for “we own the other team.” More than you wanted to know, right?)

  5. Thanks Quixote. Not too much information at all! I love words. Your answer motivated me to look in urbandictionary and I found out a whole lot more. Fascinating stuff. I learned something today…always a bonus ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Hurrah! Um, I mean Woot! I can be down with the kids too…(I still can't set up a reader/commenter account though, verification isn't working for me *whinge* *moan*) -queenofdarts

  7. Superb news about both.People knock the Jonners and to be fair a lot of them are very annoying but you can't knock the fact that they do increase the number of people wandering around in the community able to do CPR. Shows that the early CPR>early defrib> early get-them-the-fuck-to-hospital works well.

  8. If you have the misfortune of having your heart stopping doing what it's supposed to be doing, having your cardiac event witnessed by a Johnner who then starts working on you until the NHS arrive and can pump you full of drugs and get you to a heart specialist can do great things for your chances of survival. [they're not quite as pink as that picture by the way]

  9. Yay for Jonners. And yay for ambulances. In fact, yay and woot and possibly even a zomg! …I'll get me coat.On a seperate note, is anyone else really hoping that photographs will shortly appear of the travel mug beside a variety of tourist destinations, as proof of its little holiday?

  10. Oh I do like a story with a happy ending. I suppose the chances of surviving in a situation must be tiny. The odds must be like your chance of winning the lottery, me thinks this guy is now a millionaire. Wouldn't it be ace if ALL the millions of folk who buy lottery tickets each week learned how to do CPR, it would improve the odds no end.Re the mug, have you washed it very carefully? You never know where it might of been

  11. A backronym is like an acronym, but in reverse – that is, you have a word (such as woot) which you then try to turn into an acronym by expanding it into a phrase, rather than starting with a phrase and forming an acronym. If you see what I mean.

  12. I think you need to find a similar coffee mug, buy a bunch and sell them through your website. You could put some clever phrase on the side about Blood, Sweat and Tea (If I think of one, I'll post it). You can pocket the proceeds (and why not), or donate them to HEMS.

  13. Brilliant news on both counts. Kind of makes up for the fact that I went and retook the SJA AED course at the weekend (let my previous qualification lapse) and they passed two people whose basic CPR was atrocious (they had to take the test twice each before they were passed). Glad to know that when there's people that know it properly, it does some good. ๐Ÿ™‚

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