13 Days

I'm tired, my feet are sore and I have a lot to do before some friends come over to visit later this evening. However, because of some annual leave that I took I have a full 13 days off.

This makes me happy.

I shall be trying to get some relaxation on, do some writing, start prepping the sequel to 'Blood, Sweat and Tea', maybe attack my garden with napalm, tidy my house and catch up on some books that I need to read.

So really I'll be busier than I am when I'm at work…

Thankfully I have a few blogpost ideas jotted down, so there will still be regular updates here and, because I will have time to actually compose them rather than scribbling* them down, they may even be more readable than normal.

There are also a few event type things I'm going to be going to – including getting paid to talk about blogging. How easy money is that?

The only sad thing is that my travel mug at work (used for that essential 6:30am cup of tea) has disappeared – I don't know who'd want it as it is kept in a manky state for exactly this reason. Now the action figure version of myself will have to come with a different accessory. Something like a 'realistic pool of vomit' or a 'Life size “Vehicle incident” form – yes, he's reversed the ambulance into something again!'.

I have a Team Leader looking for it, such is my celebrity pull.


*What is the typing equivalent of 'scribbling?

23 thoughts on “13 Days”

  1. Scryping? Actually, I quite like tibbling.Enjoy the break – but think of the rest of us, sat in an office with the blinds firmly closed to keep the sun off the computer monitors. Just the stuffy heat, or failing that the air conditioning that smells of old dog. It's a good thing I love my job, is all I'm saying.. 🙂

  2. people will steal ANYTHING from work kitchens! I purposefully bought bernard matthews turkey ham because I thought no one would touch it and blow me if it didn't vanish!

  3. Enjoy your time off Tom! I wish I was as lucky! Even though I'm a volunteer, I'm working Friday night, Saturday afternoon, 6 hours on Sunday and about 8 on Monday. And then back to work as a Software Engineer on Tuesday.And people say we're lucky 'cos we get to go to concerts!



  4. A well deserved break you lucky bugger, well I won't be thinking of you whilst working in this heat, dealing with everyone else that is enjoying the sunshine (ill or not)As for the mug its shiny syndrome I am afraid…. if its shiny then it goes (even with stains)

  5. Keep an eye out on e-bay. If Brittanys celebrity meant someone bought a piece of her chewing gum, just imagine your mug might go for! There might be a roaring trade in Reynolds-abilia 🙂

  6. A sequel – looking forward to it already. My mum will be pleased – I haven't managed to get her reading your blog but she loved the book.

  7. Enjoy the R&R ! Let's hope that you're not so knackered by your 'holiday' that you need another one to recover. As for the mug, I'm sure you'd be deluged with replacements but didn't see one listed on your Amazon wishlist…..

  8. I think they are crazy – there is a good reason why child and birth mortality has dropped from the time people were self-birthing…Not yet – but then I doubt that I would as they seem to want to shun medical assistance. I suppose it will only be a matter of time before I get sent to a problematic 'free' birth.

    Then it'll probably mean a dead child and/or mother.

    (Yes, I'm with Dr. Crippen on this issue)

  9. my work mate found a great way to keep his mug. a pic of his face and the line ” this ugly mug is owned by this ugly mug”yes it did go walk about but was spotted very quickly.

  10. Enjoy your days off – you know they are going to go faster than any shift at work!!am looking forward to 'blood sweat & tea: the return' so get cracking!

    as for the mug, well, surely you didnt expect anything else from working in the NHS?? Staff have to get their perks somehow, even if it is nicking someones manky mug!! Teaspoon's are another item that always go missing. Perhpas said mug and NHS teaspoons are making beautiful silvery babies somewhere????

    think i better go now…

  11. The boring answer on the scribbling question could be “drafting”? I sometimes refer to having typed the skeleton of a post, but in your line of work that's probably not great imagery to use.Could the mug have been so manky that someone would have assumed it wasn't in use, didn't belong to anyone (because no one would keep it in that state) and that custody went to whoever washed it up?

  12. Yup, and a green lunchbox, with a cute little flask moulded to look like a defibrilator.(possibly not)

  13. WOOHOOO! Time off!You know, you could WORK this coffee cup thing.

    With all the people that read your blog, you could say “Oh, No, I lost my favorite travel mug”. And people would feel sorry for you and send you a hundred or so travel mugs from all around the world.

    But then you'd have to give them an address to send them to. And who could use that many travel mugs anyway.

    Just a thought. Yah, I'm weird.

  14. I normally love me annual leave, for about the first couple of days. Then I start to wonder what I'm missing! I know, very very sad!Have a good time though. I can recommend the Jeremy Kyle show. It's just like going to the zoo!

  15. And I thought I was the only NHS employee who kept a mug testifying to Darwin. I believe the contents have evolved as far as the vertebrates by now.Have a fab annual leave; I have 11 days before I clear off to the Yorkshire Dales for a fortnight. 11 days, 17 hours and change. Not that I'm counting…

  16. Ooh, definitely Jeremy Kyle! It's full of chavs demanding DNA tests so they don't have to accept any form of responsibility for their offspring. Also watch Homes Under The Hammer, it makes you want to buy a house at auction! 😀

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