A Bit Of A Hump On A Sunny Day

I really want to moan about our Control dispatcher today – but, you know, if I said what I really wanted to say then I’d probably lose my job.  Suffice it to say that they [Deleted as I would like to keep my job…]

But enough of that…


A happier thing occured today – I was in work at 6:30am and out by 6:34am for a transfer from our local hospital to a hospital in sunny Essex.

I think I’ve mentioned before how it seems that when a hospital calls for us to transport a patient, the patient is never ready?  In this case we waited an hour at the hospital for the patient to get an x-ray and have his dressing changed.  Not a problem as it meant that I could finish my first (and only) cup of tea of the day.

The patient was a young man who walked onto my ambulance, didn’t cause a fuss and just fell asleep on my trolley for the duration of the trip.  It had been a long night for him and it meant that I didn’t need to try an make conversation for an hour with someone whose grasp of English was spotty at the best*.

We then turned around and headed back toward London – the beautiful weather and the simple job had put my crewmate and I in a very good mood and I was even able to have a little nap myself as we drove down the M11.

Not many jobs let you do that…

It set us up for one of those days that was completely stress-free (with the exception of the aforementioned Controller).  It’s sunny days like this when you are cruising around London with the window down and the radio on, going only to nice patients that you realise that you are incredibly lucky.

It does all go to pot when you start getting your regular drunks mind – but it’s good while it lasts.


*Not me – the patient.

13 thoughts on “A Bit Of A Hump On A Sunny Day”

  1. It's a gorgeous day down here on the south coast today too, so what am I doing? This morning I was at work for fire training (ie. squirting colleagues with water from the fire extinguishers!) and now I'm off to do a 6 hour shift in a boiling hot building where the heating is on 365 days a year!! Happy thoughts, think happy thoughts…….;)

  2. Clearly my grasp of English is “spotty” too. I rather rashly assumed that “a bit of a Hump on a Sunny Day” meant that the locals had been caught enjoying themselves rather intimately outside on the grass.I think I need to get out more!Glad you had a good day but I was slightly disappointed that your post wasn't rather more risqu.Perhaps tomorrow;-)

  3. Tom, im glad i wasnt on your desk today, i think paranoia would have driven me crazy, i have to say i am recognising voices on our desk now and i know yours, i think im generally quite nice to yall….

  4. Don't you just love days like that, I wish we had had an opportunity like that these last few days, its been too busy unfortunately to enjoy the sunny weather! Almost got a nice number into London the other day but got stood down and diverted.

  5. Lucky sod!Spare a thought for those who are working on the top floor of a hospital with all glass surrounds, windows that dont open, and no air conditioning!

    Do you feel sorry for me yet???? LOL!

  6. Looking at your shift times, Tom, it looks like I rang 999 about 45 minutes too early :)But the pair who came instead I can't commend highly enough, nor everybody else I met further down the line.

    I guess none of us ever know quite when we're going to need you.

    Thanks for being there.

  7. Must be the weather – I do an EMD job Up North and had a fab (night) shift on Wednesday too: Lovely, grateful patients who actually needed us, none of my callers died, I didn't have to offer CPR for a cold and stiff patient , and it was quiet enough for me to finish my overdue library book between calls. Oh yes, and our Ops Manager brought in chocolate cake and squirty cream because it is her last night shift for a while. And now I'm on rest days until Tuesday yippee!Shame about your Control though – but I bet most of them are as nice to you as 'policy' allows…

  8. Not everyone in EOC is intent on stitching up/running/annoying crews. We all have our Off Days, and thats on the road and in Control. Sometimes things are said which are “by the book”, but not meant in a nasty manner. Unfortunately – as I'm sure “Tom” knows – it often depends on who you're working with, and their general attitude towards crews. Some people in Control treat crews as “The Enemy”. The sensible ones don't. So please don't tar all of us with same brush (Yes, I know you weren't)

  9. better not let a red top tabloid photographer spot you having a nap in the cab on they way back from anywhere. Imagine the field day they'd have with that!

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