‘Smoky’ Update

I had an email from a neighbour of the house that caught fire (for it is indeed a small world); I asked them to make sure that the owners knew where their cat was, I'd left a note but I know how such things can got missing when your house has been wrecked.
They emailed me back yesterday to let me know that the owners had been reunited with their pet, and that he was apparently doing very well.

Now I just need to try and find out how our cardiac arrest is doing…

16 thoughts on “‘Smoky’ Update”

  1. That's great news.Thanks for the update, I was wondering how the puss was doing. Will keep fingers crossed for the cardiac arrest.

  2. Ring up CCU, ITU or A&E & find out the person suffering the cardiac arrest is. They're usually really good in updating us. I doubt you'll hear from the persons' neighbour, but as you say this is indeed a small world!

  3. Fab news- must confess I have been peeking at your blog even more often waiting for the cat update!EMT extraordinaire and savoir of cats! You write a pretty darn good book as well.

  4. Thanks for the update.I know even if I lost everything but my family and cats were okay I'd count myself very lucky.

    That family had a disaster, but the firemen and yourselves prevented it from also being a tragedy.

  5. As Mrs Slocombe used to say “OOOH It made the hair on my pussy stand on end ! “Are you being served ” A very funny TV programme many years back!!!

  6. Thank you for the wonderful update!!! I'm sure both Smoky and his family are very happy to be together again.

  7. did wonder about smoky and so did may cats molly and candy i have to read the blog to them ……

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