My Mackbook’s hard disk has died, which means buying a replacement.  Luckily most of my stuff is nicely backed up.  It’s still a headache I could have done without.

Especially since last night I spent most of the hours of darkness in the bathroom with liquid coming out of one, or both, ends of my digestive tract.

Which is why there is no decent blogpost today.

Sorry.  I’m back off to bed.

UPDATE: This also means I'm pretty much without email, because going through 300+ mails that I got overnight via a web client is enough to make my eyes fall out of my head.

27 thoughts on “Broken”

  1. Get better soon, Tom.(And as for pretty rather than useful, who was it again who had the burning batteries? And, when the batteries aren't exploding, the lion's share of the malware?

    I'm a Linux user, by the way, so just adding that in the interest of fairness. No MacTribal axe to grind or anything. ;-} )

  2. Poor you, lots of bugs around with this warm weather…. need a cold snap :-)Hope Laura's audition went well, and you feel better soon.


  3. Did you call apple or take it back to the apple store? If you haven't had it for a whole year, you should in theory be able to get it replaced for free. Unless of course, you dropped it or something. Apple are usually pretty good at that kind of thing. :)Get well soon!

  4. Aww you poor thing. I hope you don't have the same version that I had – 3 days off uni, 60 hours without food, and I am still feeling like a floppy ragdoll a week later.

  5. Get well soon Tom. Everyone's going down with it, but it doesn't make it any better for you. Try reading something while you're on the loo, it passes the time. ;D

  6. You mad internet addict – that's a bigger blogpost than I reckon most of us would even consider writing whilst squirting from either end.Feel better soon.

  7. You're welcome to the 80 Gig drive out of my Macbook – it's been gathering dust having only seen 7 days'-ish use before I upgraded it.alex [at] djstalker [dot] com if I can be of any help :o)

  8. You poor thing….. and you paint such an attractive picture! Look on the bright side, you might shift a few of those extra pounds you mentioned recently.Get well soon!

  9. I guess this means you didn't go with Laura to her audition. I hope she still went.I hope you feel better soon.

  10. doubt theres another OS you could totally update over an internet connection a)for free and b) without it all falling apart around your ears!feisty rules!

  11. Now I hope you are not going to call an ambulance if you need A&E – it's amazing what you can do with a couple of incopads, plastic bag and a sympathetic taxi driver.Any carrots by the way ? [think Billy Connolly]

  12. Oh no – first case of Mac-to-human virus transmission! PANIC! We're all gonna DIE! (realises doesn't work for tabloid) – and, RELAX.Get well soon! :o)

  13. I recently bought a new laptop for my job, it might as well be broken, it is running Windows Vista, and most things crash on it! If only I could have afforded a Mac! i don't mind learning how to use one.The Driving Instructor

  14. Eh… my first experience of linux in years was Feisty. I'd found a bug in the thing by the time I got as far as trying to partition my disks. I think I'll be putting Debian on that box…when it comes back from HP because the wireless card failed.

  15. Hi, no idea if you get informed of comments on old posts, and I assume it's under warranty at the mo if you were dealing with a Genius, but if you want it upgraded later, or it goes wrong out of warranty or whatever, keep me in mind. In the hope that I never require your services, I'm perfectly happy to offer my own skills in making sick computers well again. 🙂 I upgraded the drive in my current powerbook not long after I got it – macs are surprisingly nice to work on from a hardware POV, even the laptops.

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