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I've spent all day clearing my Inbox of unreplied to emails – If I ever let it get like that again, somebody shoot me. If you have been expecting an email from me and didn't get a reply, then I send my apologies and advise you to resend your email.

For those that are interested about joining the London ambulance service… We aren't recruiting. Sorry.

In a fit of 'doing things', I've signed up on Livejournal, Facebook and Myspace. I'll happily accept 'friends' from anywhere, but I would ask that you tell me a little about yourself – there is a bit more on this over here. I'm still playing around with them, as well as wondering what kind of content to put up on there, chances are that they will remain mostly unused or used for small dumps of writing.

Additionally loads of people read my Twitter feed – I'd be interested in finding out who all you lot are as well… I like finding out about people who know me because of this site.

Tomorrow is Laura's audition for X-Factor at Arsenal, I'll be with her and I may post up some pictures somewhere.

I'm curious, are there any people who work with leather reading this blog? How about blacksmiths? Preferably within a couple of hours drive of London – it's for an article that I'd like to write.

Further non-ambulance blithering will be on Mental Kipple, which I have been shamefully neglecting.

Finally two nice ambulance links sent to me by readers-

A lovely written article about the Yorkshire ambulance service following the 'Tonight' programme. (Thanks Clive).

Then a story about a 'patient' who would have suffered from a broken nose had I been sent to him. (Thanks Matt)

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  1. I don't work with leather myself. However I do have some leather that I would like to give to a good home. It's been stored in a loft for some time and I haven't seen it recently so I'm not sure what condition it's in. However I believe there are at least two or three skins looking for a good home.

  2. When I left school in the late sixties, I had a job working in a computer section. One room to a side of the building housed three rampant chain smokers. The door was always closed and (for some reason) the windows we taped up so they could not be opened. The sat in this fog filled room all day puffing while working. As you can image no-one ever went in there. Even the heavy smokers from elsewhere in the place could not stand more than two seconds. I wonder if their homes were the same.

  3. Problem with the “lovely written article” is that it states defibrillators restart the heart!! Twice!!This is incorrect and does not help when the public expect the ambulance crew to shock someone who is in any other rhythm than VF or VT

  4. I used to be a Leatherworker, nothing fancy but can stitch reliably, what's the question?You may also want to try re-enactment groups for smithing or leatherworking, the Medieval Siege Society is one of the biggest groups in the South East Handily they have a show on this coming weekend just outside of the M25 at the Royal Gunpowder Mills near Waltham Abbey.

  5. Sent you an email, which essentially said “personally, neither but I know someone who works with leather and they know a farrier/blacksmith”. If you want more detail/me to ask if you can contact them let me know.(now posted as comment, in light of your next post.)

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