10 thoughts on “Scab?”

  1. A scab indeed!!! He's clearly a silly ranting eejit….known in policing circles more commonly as an a*se!!

  2. Christ. Christ on a bike. Christ on a bike with plastic bits in the wheels to make big engine sounds. What gets me about this BS is not just the BS. It's that I am–was?–a member of that organization (SFWA). They started out with the likes of Isaac Asimov as president, and they've been devolving into a clique of copyright paranoids who could give RIAA a run for its money. There are some voices of sanity still in the crowd (not me, I gave up saying anything years ago), but the growing majority doesn't even seem to realize what a laughingstock they're making themselves. Time to cancel my membership, I think.Signed:

    Another pixel-stained technopeasant wretch. (And, yes, sign me up for the t-shirt.)

    (How do you even get stained by pixels? Is that where the gray stain on my collar is coming from?)

  3. Its a case of long term student ego-psychosis.Or I've studied far too much so I'm trying to make a career out of my pseudo-intelligence and failing

  4. “…to my mind they're undercutting those of us who aren't giving it away for free and are trying to get… a better wage for our hard work.”Wonder if the same applies to sex workers Vs.girlfriends/wives? Start going down that line of thinking, the possibilities are endless.

    Surely in life people can do what they want with their skills/talents, and if they happen to be able to get paid for them, that's the exception – rather than some basic entitlement without which they must not proceed for fear of damaging others.

    So to start suggesting everyone withholds any action/ability until they can get paid (and there is someone out there offering almost every function one can think of, at a price) makes zero sense using our earth logic.


    It's also an argument neutralised by one single sale of Blood, Sweat and Tea to someone with a working internet connection, and printer – and since I'm one such person, that whoosh you heard was this silly argument disappearing up its own fundament.

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