Not much time to write at the moment – so here are some links.

Are you interested in the inside story of some national news, how about because it involves a friend of mine?

Scoble tells us that the first he knew about the Mexican earthquake was via Twitter. That's one of the reasons why I twitter about people getting killed on my patch.

There is a survey that highlights the dumbing down of the NHS. This is what NHS bloggers have been screaming about for ages.

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  1. Ref. the link about 'dumbing down the NHS', it's not only doctors roles being 'outsourced'. I have done some work with Social Services and the Home Care teams and the carers are being increasingly relied upon to provide – I believe the current p.c. term is Service Users – physiotherapy, catheter care and mainenance and the like. Again, in the interests of saving money and bugger what the patients want. They are not being given any choice in the matter.Community nurses and physios aren't happy about it either because with the best will in the world, a 2 day training course (or in some cases a 1hr stint with the patient and the physio) is absolutely no substitute for the real thing.

    The whole thing stinks!!!

  2. I know this isn't relevant to this particular posting, but wanted to say I finally started reading your book today and I love the updates you've added to many of the original postings. Your blog inspired me to take up nursing (veterinary though, not human, I couldn't do that) and the story on page 90 reminded me of how similar human and animal nursing can be as a large part of our job is to look after the patient and it's owners as a package deal. We get all sorts in at work just like you do, some want to lick us to death, some want to eat our faces and some are totally unresponsive. Bit like humans really! Anyway, just wanted to say keep up the blog, it has become an indispensible (sp?) part of my morning routine to check in and see what you've been up to now.

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