CC Film Option Sold

Here is so good, and possibly interesting, news.

I've sold the TV option to my book to DaybreakMentorn. This means that they can shop around the TV channels and try to persuade them that a TV series based on my book would be a good idea. The chances of this happening are incredibly slim, but one lives in hope.

But, I hear you ask, how does this tie in with the fact that my book and blog are under a Creative Commons license – surely anyone can film something based around my writing? This is true, the license that I use means that people may make derivative works, as long as it is not for profit.

By selling the option to make a 'for profit' TV programme I'm not removing any of the Creative Commons license. This is another great thing about a CC license, it doesn't remove any ability to sell my own work or stop me from letting people use my work for profit reasons.

So I'd like to thank Mentorn for accepting that the book is under a Creative Commons license and that they won't go suing people who make non-profit films.

And now I sit here with my fingers crossed.

Oh yes, and I also have a publisher in America as well – so there should be an American version of Blood, Sweat and Tea coming out later this year. I obviously hope that they want to fly me out there to do publicity. They also appreciate the CC license – more news on this later.

And there may be a BBC Radio thing coming up – which would be fun.

18 thoughts on “CC Film Option Sold”

  1. Sheesh. All this gadding about. Can't be good for you. And don't you have any drunks who need picking up? Honestly./*goes off to have fit of jealousy in peace and quiet*/

    (a bit of random reality: congratulations!)

  2. Well you've blown it now! What with your book deals and film rights you've just become too commercial. Therefore in the best tradition of the NME (New Musical Express) you're just not cool any more and we'll have to disown you…You can hear the conversations starting already. “Of course, that Reynolds, well he really had something, but now he's sold out…. I mean his first album was amazing, really spoke to me, but then he went all Stock, Aitkin and Waterman”

    Envy is such a transparent sin…..Good luck to you. Perhaps you could get Dennis Waterman to star and then he could write the theme tune, sing the theme tune……

  3. God dammit, next you'll be forming a lucrative sideline career accepting fees to give after-dinner talks.Excellent that everyone's agreeing with the CC stuff. Congratulations.

  4. I thought your book was wonderful! It was our bookclub book for February here in Kent and better still, my younger son who is 12 and a 'reluctant reader' thinks it is fabulous too and is actually reading it! Thanks! Good luck with the film- who do you want to play you? George Clooney would be my choice but perhaps he's too old

  5. Fantastic! I do hope this works out for you. You deserve to make mega-bucks and start your own ambo service and do it how you know it should be done, and without all the regulations and cut-backs.When is the spin off Men's Cologne coming out? The mind boggles about the appropriate aroma…. giggle.

  6. I remember telling someone proudly just a few days ago, “Oh of course I know all about Tom Reynolds, I used to read his blog way before he was famous”Well done Tom!!

  7. Posted on behalf of UphilldowndaleWow, congratulations, and good luck.

    You had better book some over time and get writing; the film/TV industry is a ravenous beast, they will want a re-write and an additional 20 posts by next Monday

    So you had best get some 'good jobs' in stock.


  8. Wow, what on earth have I been missing? I dunno, turn your back for 5 minutes and it's all happening…Congratulations to you Tom. Will you remember us lowly folk when you're rich and famous?

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