A Change Is As Good As A Rest

Apparently it's Easter. Whatever that means.

I don't have a regular crewmate at the moment (I drove the last one insane within a matter of months) so I've found myself working with loads of different people over the last half a year or so. Yesterday there was no-one in my area who was spare to work with me, so I was asked by our resource centre to go and work out of Islington.

Bear in mind that I don't drive in central London much, if I need to get around then I use the tube. To be honest driving in central London gives me kittens.

I arrived at Islington to discover that the person I would be working with also doesn't come from that area – and that she wanted me to drive. We would be relying on the inbuilt sat-nav system to get around.

As an aside, the sat-nav from one of our ambulances was stolen during the week – which is pointless as all they will have got was the screen, all the electronics are buried deep in the vehicle.

So i found myself driving from places that I didn't know into places that I didn't know, relying on the great Sat-Nav magical talking totem perched on the dash..

And boy, did we get around. We visited University College hospital, St Thomas' Hospital, The North Middlesex Hospital, Whipps Cross Hospital and probably another one – but I forget it was all a bit of a blur.

Still, it makes a nice change to see some of the tourist landmarks from the cab of an ambulance rather than the happy souls of Newham walking past.

The patients were much the same, a collapse except that it was in a posh M&S with everyone buying their Easter wine rather than the collapse being in the local Morrisons. A young Mediterranean girl pretending to be unconscious after a fight with her boyfriend rather than a young South Asian girl. A seventeen year old man with pain in his chest after vomiting (Given, as per usual, the highest category that you can get without actually being dead).

And that last was a 'late job' meaning that I got away from work an hour and forty-five minutes late. Still, at least I get paid for it.

Despite all the stress of not knowing (a)Where I was, and (b)Where I was going, it was a fun shift. As they say, a change is as good as a rest.

I wonder if I'll get sent somewhere special tonight?

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  1. I have a GPS receiver myself and it makes life worth living. The thing is amazing. I stopped getting lost after getting one. A good, working GPS is worth whatever you spend for it.

  2. Hey Tom (wondering if you could ansewer my question). One of the observations I made during my last visit to London was that when ever I saw the LAS. They were at the very least on “Blues”. Is it there policy to attend all calls on “Blues” no matter what the Category. Seems like a good idea considering the absolute stupid amount of traffic on the roads. Anywayz just though I would run it by you thanks.

  3. “Easter, whatever that means”It means all the cut-price chocolate available on Monday and Tuesday. Some even comes with a free mug or eggcup.

  4. Our shat nav takes us up the wrong un lots of times – doesn't sound as reliable as yours.Takes us down roads with bollards half way down them, tries to take us through fields….

    Looking on the bright side though, whilst a crew were attending a poorly bad patient in the saloon of the vehicle, some delicate amoeba came and stole thier shat nav screen.

    My how how they giggled!…

    Off for my Easter break – that means lots of eating of chocolate, drinking of chocolate, sex with chocolate and sunbathing with chocolate.

    I will enjoy!

  5. That's a wide area you were driving around! Can LAS take patients to their own hospitals rather than the nearest?? It's something that's always worried me, as my hospital is St Thomas' yet the local one is the QE in Woolwich (and I wouldn't touch that with a barge pole!).

  6. If LAS is anything like YAS then the crew have the discretion to take a patient to the nearest receiving A&E or they can bypass it if the patient's needs are better served at a different hospital. Near us we have a fantastic burns unit, so it makes sense to take a patient with burns ther (if they are stable) rather than take them to the possibly more local A&E and then have to transfer them to the self same burns unit later. The same goes for Neuro, we have a good neuro unit at one of the local hospitals so if we get a bad head injury (coomon round here at this time of year with all the bikers who throw themselves off their machines) then we are OK to take the patient to there and bypass a lesser more local unit.

  7. I wonder how many of those were CATA calls? and how many of them you missed….and the reason on the notes was “SatNav took the wrong way!!” Hehe! Sounds like you had a good day though….do you feel any better about driving in London though….?

  8. They're all gone already down here, and it's only Saturday! No cheap chocolate for me. :(But I did get a Caramel one from my friend and it came with a mug. šŸ˜€

  9. A friend sent me an Easter card from France once with the caption:I'l est resusciteeadds a new dimension when you put it like that.

  10. what about that sat nav route that trys to take people through a farm, across a field and then off the edge of a cliff? could be a useful one for the coast guard, but I'd worry if the ambos ever had to use it!

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