8 thoughts on “Stabbing X 2”

  1. The general notion is that youngsters carry knives for defence, as so many carry them they are always prepared.I lived in a YMCA for 5 years and I know at least 70% of the kids up to, say, 21 carried knives and all claiming it was for defence. If that is so then whoever draws the first blade must be the aggressor, which makes a mockery of the defence cop-out.Kids draw blades to intimidate another and look big or they are losing a scuffle and resort to stabbing.Still the government has a superb answer. They're going to accumulate the figures on knife crime separately. That will solve the problem overnight.

  2. It's becoming a more hostile environment definately. Reflections of USA?Say no more – the thought is too scary

    Hang the buggars that'll soon stop em …… !!!

  3. Here in Melbourne, Aus, we're not known for stabbings, but it definitely increasing. The other week I read in the newspaper there were six stabbings in one night. This didn't include the two I attended. One man I attended had been stabbed by his gay lover because he was walking around in the house in his Speedo bathers. Now he wasn't a pleasant sight in Speedos, but stabbing him for it, I thought was a bit extreme.

  4. Given that ambulance crews deal with many of the same people the police do, how long do you think it'll be before stab proof vests are a standard part of your uniform?

  5. Unfortunately, the Gubbmint will undoubtedly just ban all penknives, so the innocent man who forgets about the penknife in his pocket from his camping expedition will get 5 years, whilst the little scrote who has just stabbed a pensioner with a carving knife will get a fine (which he won't pay) and community service (which he won't do) and get to keep all the pension money he stole from the stabbed pensioner.Cynical, moi?

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