Some Domestic Violence Is More Violent Than Others

Domestic violence is obviously a big and nasty problem; but you know…sometimes you have just got to laugh.

We were called to a case of domestic violence, injuries unknown but the husband was still on scene – so we waited for the police to arrive before us. There are a number of times I'll happily turn up to a job with a chance of violence, but domestic violence gives me the willies. There is way too much chance for very angry people to be carrying knives.

We arrived on scene and I think the police had been there for some time, there was a male shouting, waving his hands and talking into a mobile phone. The police were looking more than a bit fed up with this person.

As we got out of the ambulance it soon became apparent that this male was our patient as he waved a finger in our faces – a finger with the barest of cuts on it. It also soon became obvious why the police were looking so fed up – he was one of those people who simply wouldn't listen to you, he was more interested in running back and forth while ranting and raving about whatever was on his mind.

It seemed that he and his girlfriend had been arguing, he had grabbed her and in return she had bitten his finger. The way our patient was carrying on you would think that his finger had been bitten off. Well…the 'cut' was more like a scrape than anything, it would need a clean and maybe some prophylactic antibiotics, but hardly a suitable job for an ambulance.

After some trouble we managed to get him into the ambulance and warned him that if he didn't calm down we'd throw him out the back. Well, he calmed down a bit, but he was still shaking and ranting when we got to the hospital, but at least the volume was a bit more sociable.

What struck me is that he moaned and cried about his bite wound by an order of magnitude more than the patient who had degloved her finger.

Utter rubbish, but when someone calls for an ambulance we have to go, even if it is for a scrape to the finger.

15 thoughts on “Some Domestic Violence Is More Violent Than Others”

  1. I was wondering, do you ever tell people to “stop being such a wimp, I had someone much more badly hurt than you the other day and they barely moaned at all!”? I can imagine how tempted I'd be to do so, but I suspect that that way lots of complaints lie…

  2. Really this was about the wound to his pride. Probably he'll want the police to 'have her done'. She must be really desperate to go with him anyway.

  3. So why did he need to go to hospital at all ? surely the (helpful)police officers could have advised him that he was wasting valuble emergency services resources and he would be better off getting a taxi, or a friend to drive him there, if he really insisted on going.It was neither an Accident nor an Emergency.

  4. It's one of the unwritten rules of triage that the ones making a noise will live long enough unattended for you to check on the quiet uncomplaining ones first.

  5. Whoa. Anybody who has dealt with domestic violence will tell you that why people stick around with dickheads is the problem and it's rarely, if ever, down to any criticisable inadequacies in the 'stickee'.

  6. The purpose of taking the doofus away in an ambulance was to prevent homicidal rage in everyone ELSE, of course. The police can probably be trusted not to seek him out again. Hopefully, the girlfriend will have as much sense.

  7. This thoroughly proves the rule that women are tough as old boots, while men are a bunch of moany old whiners.

  8. Dont you just love the jobs you get with superficial injuries, particularly moaning pansies of men screaming blue murder, would love to be able to refuse to treat, but you just canny, if they insist on going to hospital, you got to take them, because remember who pays your wages with their taxes, grrr.

  9. It's obvious he was trying to justify an ambulance and Police presence with his actions. Sounds like a prize cock to be fair.But on the other hand, we get paid to take cocks and some ligit people to hospital.

    We even use someone elses vehicle and diesel.

    Put us righfully in to Band 5 & 6 (without made up deals) and they may get a friggin smile out of us too!

    Who knows what goes on behind closed doors and to be fair who cares?

  10. What a waste of ambulance and hospital resources, I would have made sure that the A+E staff knew the “seriousness” of his injury and kept him at the back of the que for as long as was possible until either his injured finger dropped off or he got cheesed off sitting waiting and went home.

  11. I hope when he got to A & E, the staff brought out the longest, thickest needle to inject into the most painful part of his anatomy – his ego!This approach could be adopted for all 'emergency' cases. Oooo….how about including a quick colonic cleanse in the triage? Staff could adopt Dr Gillian McKeith type expressions during and after. I bet very few people would want to go to A & E then.

    Bloody timewasters.

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