300, A Review

I've written a review of '300' over on Mental Kipple (my other blog that I really should write more for). Do please read it and let me know if it's useful.

…It is shot very prettily though, a vast majority of the scenes could be printed out as posters, the lighting and composition reminded me a lot of Caravaggio, and the comparison doesn’t end there with the large amount of stabby, stabby and beheadings in the film…

And I've just come back from a viewing for 'Sunshine', which will also get a review in short time.

One thought on “300, A Review”

  1. Looking forward to hearing what you thought of Sunshine – I assume that was the screen at the NFT (sorry… BFI Southbank) that was followed by an interview with Danny Boyle….I was at a screening of it on sunday – was really good to finally see the finished film – would definately be interested in hearing a somewhat more objective view of it, though!

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