The End Of Yesterday

The reporting yesterday had to stop I’m afraid – I was so sleep deprived that not only was I barely able to string two words together I was starting to go colour-blind.

But I’m back today, and with no 40 hour sleep deprivation my sentence structure and grammar will be as good as ever.

I’m still trying to parse some of the things that I heard yesterday, I’ll be honest and admit that some of it just went over my head or seemed to be repeating the conversations I’ve been following on the internet.

Tom Coates gave a good talk though, bringing a sort of melding between evolutionary social theory and social networking. It was a chance for us to hear the talk that he gave at ‘The Future of WebApps’ in San Francisco. Explaining some of the reasons why people share he had some interesting thoughts on why certain social networking webapps fail and on why some are huge successes. Very thought provoking and I would love to see some of these ideas applied to the MMORPG market. On thinking back Tom could have entitled his talk ‘It’s not all about sex and death’.

He believes that Wikipedia is unique in being so successful, but didn’t mention any of those webapps that have failed in the past, something that I would have found interesting.

Thanks to the magic of the interweb you can see his slideshow here.

The other talk that I can remember is someone talking about digital comics – His name I’m afraid is lost to my sleep-deprived brain porridge. The talk was not hugely groundbreaking, part of it was an advertisement for his ComicBookLover application, something that acts as an iTunes for scanned comics, and relies I think a bit too much on illegally downloaded scans. He also spoke about how digital distribution could enable independent comics producers to break the near monopoly of Diamond. I guess that as someone who takes a great interest in this subject (even thought I don’t work in the field) I was hoping for something a little more… crunchy. But I suppose that he’d need to target his talk to a wider audience.

So far today I have broken a knife trying to spread butter on a fake beigel and admitted that I want to be Patricia Hewitt.

…Oh dear.

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