29 hours without sleep.

At the start of the day the icebreaker was a microphone passed around the room of 200 people, each to introduce themselves and to name three ‘tags’ that applied to them*.

There are a lot of people here who own startups, I’m not sure if that is just the audience that these sorts of events draw, or if it has become incredibly easy to begin a startup. A couple of people used the chance to mention that they were looking for jobs and the one venture capitalist (a nice bloke) almost whispered his job. People have come from all over the world, Denmark, Italy, Germany and even someone from New Zealand. It seems that in the UK Brighton is the place to watch for startups although it would be interesting to have actual data rather than impressions on that score.

The first session that I took part in was Ian Forrester giving us an overview on the new Pipeline type services. He liked touchstonelive (which sadly is Windows only and is an invite only beta) and touched on the new Yahoo Pipes. He then put forward a couple of ideas as to where pipelines could be heading. An example which he gave was using multiple APIs (Preloadr and Moo) on Flickr. Another example was Blip.tv which is a video sharing site, it gives options to pass the file and metadata onto other applications and sites like archive.org – with more pipeline implementation you could do all this without logging into Blip.tv, instead using Blip.tv as a pipeline.

What Ian is asking for is more controllable pipelines that cold automate a lot of the web stuff that we do each day – consider it a filter on steroids.

*For those that are interested my tags were ‘Neophile’, ‘Creative Commons’, and ‘101 interesting things to do to an unconscious drunk’ (which got a laugh).

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