Hours without sleep – 25

It’s 12am, (actually a lie, I’m typing this at 9am but will be unable to post this until 12am when the WiFi went live – more on that later methinks). People are drifting in and reforming friendships, there is a sort of hushed conversation. Personal Caffeine intake is somewhere around 2.5L of Coke although there are four cans of Red Bull nestling in the bottom of my bag. For reasons that are not readily apparent I appear to be unable to type more than a sentence without some sort of spelling or grammatical error. Truly, sleep deprivation is a wonderfully cheap drug.

Once more I wonder what I’m doing here – I’m not a coder, I don’t work in a wonderfully technical business (I’ve compared ‘trauma’ to plumbing), yet I find myself attracted to this sort of thing. Perhaps in an alternate universe there is a version of me who didn’t train to be a teacher but instead stuck with his childhood dream of being a ‘system analyst’ (which I realise now dates my childhood).

I’m thinking about offering blood pressure checks for people – it’s worked before as a way of introducing myself to people, and as a party piece goes, it’s a pretty useful one.

I wonder how many people here will think that I’m stoned out of my skull?

Best line so far would be Ian’s introductory speech that included the soon to be classic, “We have a room with carpeting – for sleeping on”. Perhaps closely followed by, “If you come to a door that you can’t open…it’s out of bounds”.

So as the WiFi has gone live I’m posting this as people are filling ‘the grid’ with their presentations – some of which sound *very* intriguing…

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