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I’m heading off to BarCampLondon2 this weekend, I was supposed to be working nightshifts (weekend nights, my favourite shifts) but managed to get some annual leave granted. Unfortunately the Friday wasn’t granted so here is my schedule…

Friday – Wake up as late as possible, into work for 19:00 start. Pick up drunk and assaults all night. Continue running around until…
Saturday – …Work finishes at 7:00, have cup of tea at work and change clothes. Head into London for BarCamp. Try not to die from lack of sleep, drink loads of Red Bull. Sleep overnight on the floor.
Sunday – Having hopefully not killed anyone during sleep deprivation hallucinations continue BarCamp until 17:00. go home and crash.

I’m hoping to blog what happens during the day here, a chance to play at being an ’embedded journalist’ with no editor and probably, after no sleep, no grasp of spelling or grammar.

Laura describes it as ‘Geeks Anonymous’ and I’m inclined to agree – I’m also guessing that I’ll be the only person there who won’t be working in a Web 2.0 type company. To counter my lack of Web 2.0 coding skills I’ve volunteered my first aid skills instead.

If I’m not unconscious.

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