Samba Night

Laura and I had an excellent night out yesterday courtesy of the folks at TrustedPlaces. They were celebrating their growth and recent redesign of their website with a dinner and party.

The only problem is that my ears are still ringing from the superb entertainment given by the London School of Samba. Drumming, dancing, stomping on the dancefloor – it was a really fun night. Walid and Sokratis really know how to run an event as it all went off very smoothly; although I suspect that they will be sleeping heavily this morning as they were charging around like loons last night.

It also reminded me that I have been a little slow in filling up my 'Trusted Places' across East London, I really need to write a few more reviews. Of course my reviews seem to concern themselves with people who have died on the premises…

Also I discovered that Laura has an account there – but she won't tell me her username. Although I think I've worked it out…

What they need to do is create an easy way to get information from SMS messaging. I'd like to text a postcode and what I'm looking for and the site to send back the location of the top three hits. While I have internet access on my phone it can be a pain to use, while SMS is very simple (as the success of Twitter shows).

Anyway – Trusted places only works on user generated content, so go and join up. (And apparently if you sign up from this link you automatically become my friend).

And I'm back to work from tomorrow – I wonder who I'll be working with…

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