A Vague Apology Of Sorts

I hate the beginning of the year. The long nights and even longer night shifts have a terrible effect on my body, depression sets in and a huge blanket of apathy stops me doing anything interesting – I return to the familiar comforts of food, sleep and occasional time-wasting computer games.

When I was an A&E nurse this effect was magnified by working all shift in an airless, windowless box. I would come into work in the dark, then miss what little seasonal sunlight there was only to return home again in the dark.

It hasn't been too bad this year, working out in the fresh air keeps me happier than I would otherwise be. It still effects me, causing a lack of enthusiasm but thankfully without the depression. It also hasn't helped that I've had a period of time off work – my month off sick with my knee could have been used to do some interesting things, but with the season and without work I became a bit of a barnacle.

This may explain why posting here has been a bit intermittent.

Thankfully, with the end of February and the beginning of March, the seasonal mood swing I have tends to lift and I throw myself more into life.

Tomorrow and Sunday I shall be going to BarcampLondon2 which should be really interesting – I would imagine that I will be posting interesting bits throughout the weekend on my Mental Kipple blog (another thing that has suffered of late). Next week I'm on a rostered week off, so I shall try to delve into the archives of my mind for interesting stories. If all goes to plan then there should be something a little bit special for the end of next week…

10 thoughts on “A Vague Apology Of Sorts”

  1. I don't know if it's a day light thing at all, I just don't think there are enough hours in a day! I think we need to enter negotiations for a 36 hour day and an 8 day week. What do think?

  2. Poor old you, I know what you mean. Sometimes I think humans , well at least me, should be in bed when it's dark!I reckon there are degrees of SAD. I think I read something about blue light being a good treatment. (Maybe in your case, flashing blue lights).

    Still it's getting lighter thank goodness and you've got the legend to share things with.

    Have fun at Barcamp- it sounds like a great way for like minds to interact.

    Thanks for the blogs and the links, you open up ideas and lead the way to fun things (like Twitter) so pat on the back Reynolds!

  3. I too suffering this way. On our rota there is a period where I don't see daylight for 6 days. It is definitly not good for me.

  4. I don't think your contract says you have to write something every day… nevertheless I eagerly await (1) you feeling better (2) more posts.

  5. “Bar ~ Camp?” you trying to tell us something here Mr?Sounds very ermm… interpretable to me!… and fun!

    Make mine a pina colada with a pink brolley and a smile!

    In addition… time for some new pics of you and the bus on the blog please… your avid fans here are salivating at the thought of you in green waving sparklers and doing the conga!

    Have a good time… whatever it is…. and be safe


  6. Ah! London in December- January so luverly. go to work in Sodium light , it twirling in white stuff not quite wet, waiting for the #113, then wait again for a # 16, whiskers all frozen like, could nae find a gillette, no shilling for gas meter,, was that a red glow in the east? nae, trek trek, work past the Sgt at arms, struggle with a single burner for a first cuppa, then after a brain beating, wait again, and it only be five , but feels like ten, that damn sodium light making thy gills look like need a trip to the bone yard. So Glad to be half a world away where sun still be shining, enjoying a nice Harveys .Dungbeetle

  7. A few years ago I worked for a company who were so obsessed with security there were no windows in the building so in winter we only saw 1/2 half of day light each day for our lunch break. Pretty dumb considering their technology was over twenty years out of date. The name of this building? Vision House!

  8. Spring's definitely on the way. I went into town earlier and it was really sunny and also pretty warm (18C according to my car's temperature guage!!) – the tourists are also out in force, which isn't a good thing. 🙁

  9. If my daily experience of life was a big bag of chips, this blog would definitely be, not so much the ketchup (that's music) nor the salt and vinegar (that's books) – but definitely a slice of the buttered bread to go with. I look forward to it, and it makes the whole thing tastier.As such, I take it as I find it and enjoy my other web treasures when this one isn't updated or particularly juicy that day.

    That hideously unhealthy metaphor is brought to you by my earnest desire to say – whatever you do, is cool. Your archives bear re-reading and I love the integrity of this blog which comes from posting only when you have something of quality to say rather than just posting “Today: looked at my navel… there was some purple fluff” or something equally lame.

    The bit where you are saving people's lives and being a damn good person, is an obvious extra! At least it makes up for the glorification of serial killers and other person-harming crime that comprises a lot of modern literature and cinema, and thus is good counterbalance….

    (sorry for being wordy there but am reading loads of Victorian lit right now, and it's rubbing off)

  10. I use to feel the same way, up until this year when my workplace bought me a light box….now I'm happy all year round 🙂 It's also improved my immune system, so less time off sick (hence work buying the light box for me). Several workmates now want one as well!You can get lightboxes on t'internet on a trial basis, so you can find out if it works for you before you buy.

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