Back To Work / Laura’s Nasty Job

I’m back to work later this afternoon – three shifts as a ‘third man’, it’s part of LAS policy that those of us daft enough to injure ourselves for long periods of time should be eased back into work.  I’m just looking forward to a lovely Newham Friday Saturday night…

I can finally stop moping around being bored and get some new material.

Laura had a nasty job earlier and she’s written it up on her blog as an incredibly moving post.

Update: Date changed because I had no idea what day I was writing this – the perils of shiftwork.

11 thoughts on “Back To Work / Laura’s Nasty Job”

  1. Gosh,This really brings it home, what a job you both do.

    Hope the little lad will be ok.

    Bless you Laura.

    bst wishes.



  2. Looks like you're up for a busy one. In a brief drive along the Romford Road at 14:00 (Atherton Leasure Centre to Green Street) I saw 1 rapid response and 3 full-size ambulances all on blues and twos going to at least three different jobs (I saw where all the maternataxis ended up).

  3. Glad you are back in harness and at least you've got a good excuse for not knowing the day, mine's only senility! Laura's a good-un

  4. Glad to see you're back on the road, even if it is only as a third-man for the time being.Out of interest, how does LAS get around the weight-restrictions problem with the vehicles? There seems to be a lot of hoo-ha at the moment about overloading vehicles, so one of the things that my local ambulance service is doing is to cut down on three man crews.



  5. Having read Laura's blog and Neenaws in one sitting I'm really pleased yours is a “nothing” post today. Have a quiet week.

  6. Poor little beggar – my friend's child had ambulance-worthy scalding on her hands and chest t about that age, and has recovered scar-free, I hope this little sunshine does too.

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