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  1. Oh it is the spelling of 'friendley' isn't it? The error? In my job, people can die from that kind of spelling mistake.(because I kill them)

  2. Hmm… which error am I meant to be looking at?- the brake light which is out (not really an “error”, more a mechanical failure… or poor maintenance)

    – the fact he's stopped at red lights with his footbreak on

    – the spelling of “friendly”

    – the fact you're stopped a bit close to him… :-)?

  3. I get the impression that I am missing something obvious for the second time today (the first being on Gadgets blog). My observational skills must be blighted by 'the light at the end of the weekday' πŸ™

  4. This is out East mate. If they pulled every Transit with a broken light then the local Old Bill would be immobilised. Not because they'd be so busy but because they'd have all been nicked!I followed a local police van for 2 miles to the local Tescos the other day. I counted 6 places that I considered required a signal during which time the van gave precisely – none!

    A few days later I followed a response car from the self-same Tescos. To one in the know it was clear that he was driving to 'the system' – such a shock I nearly had to call Reynolds out for a heart attack!

    'Basic' drivers in the Met? Just say, gimme the car/van keys, here's yer pushbike mate.

  5. Quote “If I made a basic error like that people could end up dead”.No need. Your local friendly hospital will do the job for you:

    A MICE invasion caused a ward at Newham General Hospital to close after one of the rodents got in bed with a patient and crawled up her leg, the Recorder has been told.

    At one stage a woman saw five mice by her bed in Beckton ward, and what were thought to be rat droppings were discovered during a problem that has been continuing for weeks and reported to workers, claimed angry Debra Prill, of Canning Town.

    From this week's Newham Recorder


  6. Someone else sent that story to me as well – I'd been told by Laura that NGH was having troubles and was on divert a lot. Now I know why.

  7. A bit of an off-post post, but today I saw an ambulance car (not LAS) which had the words MEDIC on it. It was clear that PARA had been removed from the car. Would this be so EMTs can drive it, and can you be called MEDICS? Just got me wondering.

  8. Several missing commas, a missing colon (misplacing a colon could get you into big trouble I guess), a missing phone number on the 'replace' side, saying repairs and replace when they should both be singular (unless he found room for 'replacements'), and the extraneous e in friendley.I'm dying to know (ok, wrong analogy), which error did you mean?



  9. Erm…..I looked at it for a while……my Mum looked at it for a while……then a while longer…….then we made some tea…..still couldn't fathom it……please enlighten us!!

  10. Prithee nuncle, forsaken oft ys thys myscreant knave of hys dictionary of eynglysh…perchance he ys a FRIENLEY chapp

  11. “…friendley…”Oh dear.

    I'm not too certain either about the word “fascias” – should that not be “fasciae”? πŸ˜‰

  12. Nothing like a spelling mistake to get people talking! What I want to know though is how come you get good photos and I don't ( I think we have same 'phone ) And you are talented……..

  13. Isn't the brake light the red one at the bottom on each side? And the indicator is the yellow one…I think that's a fog light.

  14. I've seen a lot of ambulances in Glasgow with the word “AMBULANCE” removed from the front, leaving just the sticky glue for the vinyl-cut letters. I'd love to know why this is, although I wonder if it's something to do with over-zealous pressure-washing…

  15. But did you apply your handbrake and turn off the engine?All required to pick up a device capable of sending or rceiving voice and data…… or whatever they put in the definitions these days.

    I think it is still legal to scratch your arse while driving!

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