HDTV (And The Weirdness Of Not Allowing Comments)

Kevin Marks, a very nice chap who I had the honour of chatting to a couple of days ago (or was it longer), has posted on his blog some thoughts on HDTV.

I spent a chunk of time looking at HDTVs in Best Buy and the Sony shop yesterday, and wasn’t impressed. Overall, what I saw on the displays looked full of compression artefacts, with poor colour.

I wanted to comment on this, but his blog doesn’t have comments – fair enough I suppose if you want to avoid comment spam, but I personally think that the immediacy of a response to a post is one of the strengths of blogging. Instead, to ‘comment’, you post something on your own blog and link to the originating post. It then shows up on Technorati and Kevin can read it.

Which doesn’t help if you don’t have a blog.
At least I originally thought it might be about stopping comment spam. If I were being cynical it may just be a cunning ploy to get people to link to his blog thereby increasing his google-juice…

But no matter, we have all moved past that desire to rise in the various rankings haven’t we?

So, on to the comment that I wanted to make. The reason why HDTVs look so cruddy in shop displays is that the store often has one input which is amplified and split between huge numbers of televisions. This makes the pictures look incredibly awful, often worse than the traditional television which, due to it’s low resolution, is a little more forgiving.

Until shops start arranging better displays of their goods, your average person off the street isn’t going to be sold on the benefits of HDTV.

To be honest, I’m not sold on the idea of HD TV, or the HD DVD replacements, but then I have crappy eyesight and don’t watch much broadcast TV at all.

(…And as I was about to post this Kevin used Twitter to point me to something he wrote in the past – it seems that I do have a nasty cynical mind… And I agree with Jeff and Ben’s comments in that post, that comments are a good thing and are more natural than using Technorati to backtrack conversations. And have a happy new year in a few hours Kevin.)

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