On The Talk Itself

So the talk went pretty well (I think so anyway). The audience mainly consisted of a load of journalism lecturers with one or two from the blooging community. So obviously I felt incredibly qualified to be there…
Thankfully I think I entertained them a bit and gave them a few things to think about. After the talk there was a workshop session and a panel discussion which I also think went well.

The very lovely (and all round top bloke) Ian Forrester videoed my talk and has posted it up for everyone to see. I don't think that I was too nervous, especially given that I don't know *anything* about journalism. But I think I need to talk Ian into getting a radio mike so that the audio is a bit better.

So fun, interesting and I hope people got some good out of it.

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  1. Haven't seen the video, but was seriously impressed with the content of the PowerPoint, particularly regarding “Girl With A One Track Mind”. Keep up the great work – both the picking up drunks and the blogging!

  2. Not that Tom needs anybody to defend him, but I'm going to anyway:1. Until recently nobody who blogged assumed they would become famous as a result of their blogging.

    2. The “media hype” and subsequent fame are as interesting a topic as the blog itself. One may argue that perhaps the discussion belongs on another “media-related” blog. However, I would argue that I, and many other people, visit Random Acts of Reality to gain an insight on life, from Tom's point of view, as an EMT. The fact that this insight now includes some thoughts on 'fame' etc is an extension of Tom's honesty and so to completely ignore the issue would surely diminish the whole exercise?

  3. I couldn't even do a presentation in front of my class at college (with 12 people), let alone a load of professionals! You handled it a lot better than I would have done, that's for sure. ;-D

  4. You didn't look at all nervous, quite laid back in fact. I agree about the microphone though I was straining to hear the pearls!You generated an interesting discussion. Don't really know why but I thought of the Osbornes- how one member of the family chose not to be involved in the fly on the wall stuff and succeeded in doing so.I think bloggers just have to do what they feel comfortable with. As long as no one is getting hurt by what we write and we are not being deceitful surely that's alright.Looks like the old knee is holding up well too.

  5. Very good and very natural. If you get to do it again (and I hope you do) just a couple of points to work on (a) never excuse, or comment, on the quality (or otherwise) of your presentation – its too late! No point in drawing everyoneones attention to it. (b) Never look (and talk) to the screen; keep your eyes on your audience.

  6. Haven't watched the whole talk yet, but what I have seen was very interesting.As for Ian, he may need to get a video camera with a mic in first! :)- Neil.

  7. Very good, and great discussion. I agree with the old bloke at the back – if the material is informative without ulterior motive or, in the case of fictional writing it is good quality, then the true identity of the writer is unimportant.That paper just wanted to make a story and money. Of course it's public interest because basically people are nosey and everyone wants to know a secret, but no, it's not ethical. I don't think it's anyones business who she is, but then I don't think anyones personal life is anyone elses business unless they're in a position of responsibility and their private actions could affect the welfare of others.

    Thats my two pennies worth anyway.

  8. I am glad your talk went OK Tom, I would never see myself doing that in a million years, it takes me to talk out to a classroom full of people in lectures.

  9. Oh dear, I guess I had to write this sometime.This blog used to be great. I loved reading about all the ambulances stuff. I don't however like reading about the resultant fame, talks, book signings and all the other stuff that's come about as a result of his blog,such as trying to get a free laptop.

    Imagine a year from now – who would buy a book about a guy that wrote another book and won a laptop?

    /rant over

  10. On the whole citizen journalism front…Have you heard radio 4's pieces on the nhs this week? Do you think that is the middle line between journalism and blogging?

    On another note, I found the discussion really interesting. I keep a journal, and was wondering whether to start a blog, but it seems that all the things you advise against in blogging (moaning about friends, colleagues, and my partner's job) is exactly why i keep a journal. I'm not sure I could come up with material that wouldn't incriminate me…….

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