8 thoughts on “Has Someone Been Reading This Blog?”

  1. I know – I dread to think what they would be replaced with, and how much it'd cost…But you've got to measure things somehow to improve them, it just depends how you go about it and how relevant it is to the thing that you are studying.

  2. Ah yes. Telling the voters what they want to hear. 'After the election we will…'But they never say after which election.

  3. That article read to me like:”Everyone's got used to these targets, so what we'll do is, scrap all them, and implement OTHER targets instead! Yay targets!”When in fact they should let the targets go hang and let all the medipeoples do their respective jobs.

  4. The proposed new targets seem to be based on survival rate. Does this imply that patients currently die because the numbers are not being counted?The next thing will be that beds are full of patients being kept alive on machines in order to improve the hospital rating. Meanwhile, the waiting lists, which are not going to be monitored, will go through the roof.

  5. measure things somehow, sure, it's just when the measuring seems to be more important than the doing (to some people), that it worries me.

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