My bodyclock has taken a right battering over the last few days (for reasons that I *may* blog about later).

Until then I have something to share with you – a caution mind you, it had my mum rolling on the floor crying tears of laughter.


(And thanks to Peter David for posting about it)

15 thoughts on “Pandas”

  1. ..your mum wasn't the only one. Just..priceless.Now, you need to speak to someone higher up in command and see about getting one baby panda per ambulance to take out on shift. It'll make the long hours much more fun, help you with patients who are scared of hospitals etc. ..oh, and think how handy it'd be for the nitwits that fake unconsciousness… *evil cackle*

  2. Creased up the first time I saw it. Incredible how a creature so small could make such a noise. Aided of course by the acoustics.

  3. Mind you, a tarantula would also probably assist in 'curing' those faking unconsciousness -I know it would me!And they would be smaller to carry.

  4. Cuuuuuuuuuuuute! I actually have a black and white kitten who does the same thing and scares the crap out of my fiance 😉

  5. Oh my god my ribs hurt!Anyone seen the blonde antelope? I only have it as a file on here…any idea how i can put it on here?

  6. This issue with the body clock. It couldn't have anything to do with Laura and your natural erm… could it? (This is very tongue in cheek)

  7. Timely, very timely. Why oh why couldn't I hear the sneeze or understand what all the comments were going on about? Ah yes, forgot to reconnect my audio cable after shifting my computer equipment about yesterday.If I'd come across this in a week's time, I'd have forgotten about the possible cable problem. So many thanks for the international computer care. And thank's for the giggle too.

  8. You see it is also the small things in life that make us laugh….. thanks for that one! I had to take a day off work with stomach cramps from laughing so much – didnt know there was such a thing! i wanted to phone the ambulance in the morning when i couldnt get out of bed but thoght better of it!

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