Rich Girls

Quite simply superb writing from Inspector Gadget.

This is the worst kind of drama for us. It’s the kind where we have arrived before the other emergency services, specifically, before the paramedics. The officers from the response team are trying to save lives and calm the shattered pleas from relatives who were in the car behind and saw it all.

It's one of the ways I can tell if someone has been seriously hurt at a police incident, the coppers look worried.

Normal blogging schedule resumes tomorrow. For those that are interested I have graduated from crutch to cane.

4 thoughts on “Rich Girls”

  1. I agree about Inspector Gadget's post. I can only imagine what it must be like to attend such a scene, but at least now my imagination is better informed. I know I couldn't do it.Glad to hear you are progressing. Take it gently though…knees are tricky buggers!

  2. er, surely it should be “For those whom are interested” ;-)( they don't call me Anna-Lee Pedantic for nothing)

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