Differences In Kent

Paramedics in Kent dealt with more than 350 calls in six hours from midnight on New Year's Eve – the equivalent of an average day for the emergency teams.

Kent's ambulance service said the calls were mainly drink-related incidents and road accidents.

On an average day, Kent crews deal with about 400 calls.

BBC News

I'm guessing that they have a lot less staff in Kent, as London deals with around ten times that call rate every day (3,500-4,000 calls a day), it just goes to show how different various ambulance services are. Anyone in the LAS care to tell me what the CAD numbers got up to last night and tonight?

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  1. I don't know the 24 hour counts but from midniht until 6 am today (New Years Day) the CAD count in London was 2613

  2. So 2/3rds of the daily call out rate in the first six hours of the shift.Crazy.

    Makes me glad I'm not working…

  3. The population of London is about five times that of Kent. By those figures, the call out rate in the first six hours of 2003 was about seven times that of Kent. So, the per-capita call out rate was higher in London, yes, but not ten times.London has so many more people than any other area you can't even begin to compare figures without taking into acount relative population.

    And I guess by the lack of such stories from Scotland that calling off all the outdoor celebrations helped keep the numbers down somewhat…

  4. I'm just glad they didn't have any sky news or anything in the control room during the night.Carnage and infighting are good words to relate to what went on last night.

    Was an experience to be there tho..

  5. Not sure about LAS call out figures… But I was helping out with Shropshire Ambulance Service, and our last job of the night at 3.15AM was numbered 450+. Usual figures are 1000-1100 a day, I think, based on something I was told a while ago…I posted a short article about the shift over on my blog yesterday if anybody is interested.




  6. Also, MANY people in Kent are extremely boring and tedious (obviously not anyone reading this, nor their friends, loved ones, colleagues or lawyers).Trust me, I moved from there to a London doorway in the 90's, because Kent? Euw….

  7. Shropshire AS do 1000-1100 a day? I find this a bit hard to believe, having worked there. I know you have a bigger area, but most of your jobs are, at least, genuine.WMAS run at an average of 1200-1400 a day. New Years Eve saw a quiet evening with most city centre based crews wondering if someone had blown up a phone exchange somewhere – personally, my crewmate and I did only 2 calls between 1900 & 0002.

    Ambulance Control were reputed to be very worried as they had more vehicles than calls to send them to šŸ™‚

    At 0002, it went berserk and we'd exceed 350 calls in the first two hours or so – extrapolate THAT for twenty-four hours. Oo-err…

    And yes, mainly alcohol induced stuff, but also including one stabbing, one shooting and a firework blown up in a kids face. Shed loads of assaults, alcohol induced injuries and some combined – witness a houseful of pissed Polish twenty-somethings where the supposedly injured party had been the one throwing a kitchen knife at her boyfriend, he himself covered in minor lacerations and abrasions. Why was she injured? “You take her away, she mad, she not normal” He became enraged when I explained that we couldn't take her as she did not want to go.

    We withdrew and requested urgent Police backup.

  8. Sorry, should have explained that better.Shropshire Ambulance Service is now managed by West Midlands Ambulance Service (WMAS), and their jobs are counted in WMAS' count. The figures I gave are for a must wider area – sorry for any confusion.

    The figures must have gone up since I heard last.

  9. I worked as a volunteer crew in Lancashire last night (now NWAS), my colleague and I did 6 jobs, one GP referral and five drink related.The figures are similar, a days worth of calls between midnight and 4 or 5am.

  10. By my estimate, by 0700 on new years day the cads were at least 3500. Our last 3 jobs were all 2hours+ old and those cads were 2500 ish.Simply, we were busier than kent šŸ˜‰

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