Honda have been coming up with some really nice adverts of late, from the ‘Hate something, Change something‘ song (which still brings a smile to my face), to the ‘Impossible dream‘. The clever thing is that they have made them easy to download, something that has fueled the ‘viral nature’ of these adverts, something that the Bravia team have also used to their advantage.

So I was very glad to see the new Honda advert. There is something about the way that Asimo walks that makes me want to giggle. It moves with poetry, and each time I see it I dream of what it might lead to – better artificial legs, the complete design of the wheelchair, and this is without going into the roles that humanoid robots might have in the future.

Until then, enjoy the video courtesy of the marketing smarts at Honda.

[quicktime width=”320″ height=”176″][/quicktime]

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